The Arnold and Moberly Family Genealogy

Rev Benjamin Coe CritchlowAge: 74 years18071882

Rev Benjamin Coe Critchlow
Name prefix
Given names
Benjamin Coe
Birth December 14, 1807
Birth of a brotherWilliam Coe Critchlow
July 1, 1809 (Age 18 months)
Birth of a brotherDaniel Critchlow
November 29, 1811 (Age 3 years)
Birth of a brotherJoseph Critchlow
March 7, 1813 (Age 5 years)
Birth of a sisterMary Critchlow
November 29, 1814 (Age 6 years)
Birth of a brotherJohn James Critchlow
August 19, 1817 (Age 9 years)
Birth of a sisterMargaret Critchlow
February 18, 1819 (Age 11 years)
Birth of a brotherAndrew Clark Critchlow
November 25, 1820 (Age 12 years)
Birth of a sisterEmily Jane Critchlow
October 26, 1822 (Age 14 years)
Death of a brotherDaniel Critchlow
December 14, 1822 (Age 15 years)
Birth of a brotherDavid Coe Critchlow
September 10, 1825 (Age 17 years)
Birth of a sisterPhebe Salina Critchlow
June 26, 1827 (Age 19 years)
Death of a fatherDavid Critchlow
March 11, 1828 (Age 20 years)

Death of a maternal grandfatherLieutenant Benjamin Coe
March 15, 1833 (Age 25 years)
Death of a sisterMargaret Critchlow
1842 (Age 34 years)

Death of a maternal grandmotherMargaret Biegle
about 1843 (Age 35 years)
Death of a motherMargaret Coe
August 7, 1844 (Age 36 years)
Death of a brotherJoseph Critchlow
March 28, 1875 (Age 67 years)
Death of a brotherDavid Coe Critchlow
January 11, 1882 (Age 74 years)
Ordained Presbyterian Minister

Death April 21, 1882 (Age 74 years)
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Marriage: before November 1807prob., Allegheny Co, Pennsylvania, USA
1 month
Rev Benjamin Coe Critchlow
Birth: December 14, 1807Allegheny Co, Pennsylvania, USA
Death: April 21, 1882prob., Pennsylvania, USA
19 months
younger brother
William Coe Critchlow
Birth: July 1, 1809Allegheny Co, Pennsylvania, USA
Death: June 7, 1894Weber Co, Utah, USA
2 years
younger brother
Daniel Critchlow
Birth: November 29, 1811Allegheny Co, Pennsylvania, USA
Death: December 14, 1822Allegheny Co, Pennsylvania, USA
15 months
younger brother
Joseph Critchlow
Birth: March 7, 1813Allegheny Co, Pennsylvania, USA
Death: March 28, 1875Wyandotte Co, Kansas, USA
21 months
younger sister
Mary Critchlow
Birth: November 29, 1814Allegheny Co, Pennsylvania, USA
Death: December 29, 1882Allegheny Co, Pennsylvania, USA
3 years
younger brother
John James Critchlow
Birth: August 19, 1817Allegheny Co, Pennsylvania, USA
Death: June 28, 1884Salt Lake Co, Utah, USA
18 months
younger sister
21 months
younger brother
Andrew Clark Critchlow
Birth: November 25, 1820Allegheny Co, Pennsylvania, USA
Death: July 10, 1897Cuyahoga Co, Ohio, USA
23 months
younger sister
Emily Jane Critchlow
Birth: October 26, 1822Allegheny Co, Pennsylvania, USA
Death: October 25, 1894Jasper Co, Missouri, USA
3 years
younger brother
David Coe Critchlow
Birth: September 10, 1825Allegheny Co, Pennsylvania, USA
Death: January 11, 1882Beaver Co, Pennsylvania, USA
21 months
younger sister

Benjamin Coe Critchlow, was the first child of David Critchlow and Margaret Coe. Benjamin was born December 14, 1807, was ordained a minister and was pastor of the Presbyterian church at New Brighton, Pennsylvania for many years. He died April 21, 1882. On August 10, 1837, he married Eunice Hatch, daughter of Ebenezer Hatch and Satira Blanchard. Their children were: Eunice Hatch Critchlow, born June 9, 1838, married W. A. Hooper; Elizabeth Loring Critchlow, born September 22, 1839, married June 24, 1863 to W. W. Waters; Satira Blanchard Critchlow, born May 2, 1841, married November 8, 1860 to Thomas M. McCord; Benjamin Dwight Critchlow, born February 26, 1844, married Alice Classon; Samuel Edwards Critchlow, born February 26, 1844, died October 27, 1929, married July 14, 1868 to Mary Gales; Margaret Emma Critchlow, born April 9, 1848, died September 10, 1881, married Edward P. Townsend; Mary Ada Critchlow, born December 1, 1850, married September 15, 1869 to Harrison J. Chandler; and Geneva C. Critchlow, born September 14, 1852, married Thomas Kennedy.