The Arnold and Moberly Family Genealogy

James Orville OrrAge: 40 years18151855

James Orville Orr
Given names
James Orville
Birth October 22, 1815
Birth of a sisterHarriett M Orr
June 27, 1818 (Age 2 years)
Birth of a sisterEliza Jane Orr
November 27, 1822 (Age 7 years)
Death of a fatherJonathan Orr
about 1824 (Age 8 years)
Marriage of a parentAlexander vanPeltDorothy QuinnView this family
August 25, 1826 (Age 10 years)
Birth of a half-sisterMargaret Jane vanPelt
December 17, 1827 (Age 12 years)
Birth of a half-sisterFrances Ann vanPelt
October 1, 1829 (Age 13 years)

Death of a half-sisterFrances Ann vanPelt
September 27, 1830 (Age 14 years)

Death of a brotherEdmund R Orr
May 12, 1840 (Age 24 years)
Death of a sisterEmeline Amanda Orr
August 29, 1845 (Age 29 years)

Death of a brotherJohn Orr
April 7, 1854 (Age 38 years)
Death of a motherDorothy Quinn
August 19, 1854 (Age 38 years)
Death November 27, 1855 (Age 40 years)
Family with parents - View this family
elder sister
Caroline Quinn Orr
Birth: January 27, 1809New York, USA
Death: September 29, 1863Shelby Co, Indiana, USA
16 months
elder brother
John Orr
Birth: May 29, 1810New York, USA
Death: April 7, 1854Bartholomew Co, Indiana, USA
18 months
elder sister
18 months
elder brother
Edmund R Orr
Birth: June 16, 1813New York, USA
Death: May 12, 1840Bartholomew Co, Indiana, USA
2 years
James Orville Orr
Birth: October 22, 1815New York, USA
Death: November 27, 1855Shelby Co, Indiana, USA
3 years
younger sister
4 years
younger sister
Eliza Jane Orr
Birth: November 27, 1822Bartholomew Co, Indiana, USA
Death: August 6, 1856Shelby Co, Indiana, USA
Mother’s family with Alexander vanPelt - View this family
Marriage: August 25, 1826Bartholomew Co, Indiana, USA
16 months
21 months

BURI CEME Van Pelt Cemetery PLAC Noble Twp, Shelby Co, Indiana, USA DATE ABT 28 NOV 1955