The Arnold and Moberly Family Genealogy

Mary E “Mollie” VoorhiesAge: 81 years18611942

Mary E “Mollie” Voorhies
Given names
Mary E
Married name
Mary E Powell
Birth May 5, 1861
MarriageAlonzo PowellView this family
about 1888 (Age 26 years)
CensusAlonzo PowellView this family
June 1, 1900 (Age 39 years)
HF: 5/5, LN: 13/14, SD 7, ED 46, Sheet 1A, 2522 Talbott Ave, Indianapolis, Center Twp, Marion Co, IN by Leo H Fosdick Alonzo Powell, Head, W-M-SEPT 1862-37-M-12, IN-KY-IN, Live Stock Dealer, Can R/W/Speak, Renting Mary E Powell, Wife, W-F-MAY 1861-39-M-12, 0/0, IN-IN-NY, none, Can R/W/Speak
Piano Teacher, from home
1905 (Age 43 years)
CensusAlonzo PowellView this family
April 28, 1910 (Age 48 years)
HF: 244/330, LN: 41/45, SD 7, ED 125, Sheet 14A, 503 N Delaware St, Indianapolis, Center Twp, Marion Co, IN by Charles A Rutledge Alonzo Powell, Head, M-W-47-M1-22, IN-KY-IN, Eng, Live Stock Buyer Mary E Powell, Wife-H, F-W-48-M1-22, 0/0, IN-IN-NY, Musician - Piano Teacher Edward R Millitt, Boarder/Head, M-W-31-M1, IN-IN-IN, Superintendent - Insurance Elizabeth B Millitt, Wife-H, F-W-29-M1, 1/1, IN-IN-IN, none Edward R Millitt Jr, son, M-W-3-S, IN-IN-IN, none
CensusAlonzo PowellView this family
January 6, 1920 (Age 58 years)
HF: 119/134, LN: 79/81, SD 7, ED 61, Sheet 5B, 2414 N Pennsylvania St, Indianapolis, Center Twp, Marion Co, IN by Mrs Arthur E Maedje (?) Alonzo Powell, Head, 6/F, M-W-57-M, -/Y/Y, IN-KY-KY*, Eng, Purchasing Agent - Stockyards Mary E Powell, Wife-H, F-W-58-M, -/Y/Y, IN-IN-NY, Piano Teacher - At Home Frank E Hammer, Head2, R/-, M-W-58-M, -/Y/Y, IN-IN-IN, Salesman -Specialty Co Flora Hammer, Wife, F-W-53-M, -/Y/Y, IN-IN-IN, none Donald Hammer, Son, M-W-23-S, -/Y/Y, IN-IN-IN, Salesman - Film Company
Death of a husbandAlonzo Powell
January 19, 1930 (Age 68 years)
Burial of a husbandAlonzo Powell
about January 21, 1930 (Age 68 years)
CensusAlonzo PowellView this family
April 14, 1930 (Age 68 years)
HF: 228/251, LN 28/29, SD 8, ED 49-25, 3rd Part, Apart 21, Blk 8, Sheet 14A, 2414 N Pennsylvania St, Indianapolis, Center Twp, Marion Co, IN by John N Sexton Mary E Powell, Head, 0/6500, N/Y, F-W-68-WD-26, N/Y, IN-IN-NY, None Cora Winer, Lodger, F-W-72-WD-25, N/Y, OH-VA-VA, none
Number of children
Never Had Children

Number of childrenAlonzo PowellView this family

Death May 30, 1942 (Age 81 years)

Burial about June 1, 1942 (2 days after death)
Family with Alonzo Powell - View this family
Alonzo Powell
Birth: September 7, 1862Johnson Co, Indiana, USA
Death: January 19, 1930Marion Co, Indiana, USA
Marriage: about 1888Johnson Co, Indiana, USA