The Arnold and Moberly Family Genealogy

Squire L “S.L.” vanPeltAge: 87 years18191907

Squire L “S.L.” vanPelt
Given names
Squire L
Birth September 21, 1819
Death of a half-brotherThomas Jefferson vanPelt
March 23, 1820 (Age 6 months)

Emigration 1821 (Age 15 months)
Birth of a brotherDaniel vanPelt
February 11, 1822 (Age 2 years)
Birth of a sisterInfant vanPelt
June 1, 1824 (Age 4 years)
Death of a sisterInfant vanPelt
June 1, 1824 (Age 4 years)
Death of a motherElizabeth Pearce
June 10, 1824 (Age 4 years)
Note: may have died as a result of complications from childbirth
Number of childrenMary MajorView this family

Number of childrenEmily Mildred ShankView this family

Marriage of a parentAlexander vanPeltDorothy QuinnView this family
August 25, 1826 (Age 6 years)
Birth of a half-sisterMargaret Jane vanPelt
December 17, 1827 (Age 8 years)
Birth of a half-sisterFrances Ann vanPelt
October 1, 1829 (Age 10 years)

Death of a half-sisterFrances Ann vanPelt
September 27, 1830 (Age 11 years)

Death of a maternal grandmotherPhebe Squier
March 27, 1832 (Age 12 years)
Death of a brotherDaniel vanPelt
August 19, 1834 (Age 14 years)
Burial of a brotherDaniel vanPelt
about August 20, 1834 (Age 14 years)
Death of a maternal grandfatherMichael Pearce
June 4, 1838 (Age 18 years)
Note: This from "The Ohio Statesman" is not my ancestor but must be someone's:??Description: Obituary Michael PEARCE. Another Revolutionary Patriot Gone.??Date: June 12 1838??Newspaper published in: Columbus, OH??Page/Column: 3/4??Died, at his residence in Trenton, Butler County, Ohio, on Monday the 4th day of June inst. at 15 minutes before 3 o'clock, p.m. after a severe illness of nine days, Deacon MICHAEL PEARCE, in the 89th year of his age. He was born at Scotch Plains, Essex County, New Jersey, in August, 1749, and lived there many years, and married Phebe SQUIER, of the same place, by whom he had eleven children, ten of whom lived to be men and women, from which he has now living thirty-four Grand children, and fifteen Great Grand children. He has served as a Deacon of the Regular Baptist Church, more than forty years, and died as he lived, full and strong in the faith of the Gospel of Christ, and through grace was enabled to say in his dying hour,??"Death has lost his sting, and the grave its victory."??He was a firm friend to the liberties of his country, and bore arms to repel the tyranny of Britain, and his Democratic Republican principles were in perfect accordance with the old Jefferson school. He was eighteen years a merchant of Morris County, N. J., and with the Pioneers of the West, removed with his family to Cincinnati, in the summer of 1792, entered land in Butler Co., and removed on it in 1804, where he remained, until removed on it by death, to a better country--a City that hath foundations, whose Builder and Maker is God.
Death of a brotherMichael Pearce vanPelt
December 15, 1838 (Age 19 years)

Burial of a brotherMichael Pearce vanPelt
about December 16, 1838 (Age 19 years)
Death of a half-sisterMary “Polly” vanPelt
August 3, 1842 (Age 22 years)
Burial of a half-sisterMary “Polly” vanPelt
after August 4, 1842 (Age 22 years)
Cemetery: VanPelt Cemetery, Waldron-Odgen Cemetery
Death of a half-sisterSarah C vanPelt
April 2, 1843 (Age 23 years)
Note: Sutton vanPelt's SAR application Natl: 29412 and IL State: 1987 dated 14 JUN 1933 provides a date of death of 23 APR 1842, not 02 APR.
Burial of a half-sisterSarah C vanPelt
about April 3, 1843 (Age 23 years)
Cemetery: VanPelt Cemetery, aka Waldron-Odgen Cemetery
MarriageMary MajorView this family
August 22, 1844 (Age 24 years)
Death of a fatherAlexander vanPelt
May 27, 1849 (Age 29 years)
CensusMary MajorView this family
September 17, 1850 (Age 30 years)
HF: 809/822, LN: 39/41, Pg.2/32, Noble Twp, Shelby Co, IN by H C Hargis Squire Van Pelt, 30/M/W, Farmer, 4700, OH Mary Van Pelt, 31/F/W, none, Ireland Stephen Major, 26/M/W, Farmer, 20600, England (brother to Mary) Next door to several Ogdens and Milton Corwin.
CensusMary MajorView this family
June 13, 1860 (Age 40 years)
HF: 260/262, LN: 33/36, WD 2, Page 34, Image 18/18, Shelbyville, Addison Twp, Shelby Co, Indiana, USA Squire L vanPelt, 40-M, Auditor of Shelby Co, 11000/500, IN Mary vanPelt, 40-F, Ireland Calvin Crane 23-M, Deputy Auditor, -/600, OH Sarah Major, 72-F (ABT 1787, This being Squire's mother-in-law) -/600, Ireland Near Alfred and Jane Major and family
Death of a sisterEliza Ann vanPelt
November 26, 1862 (Age 43 years)
Burial of a sisterEliza Ann vanPelt
about November 27, 1862 (Age 43 years)
Death of a wifeMary Major
December 6, 1863 (Age 44 years)
Burial of a wifeMary Major
about December 8, 1863 (Age 44 years)
MarriageEmily Mildred ShankView this family
September 20, 1864 (Age 44 years)
Note: IN Marriage Records show also 29 SEP 1864
Death of a half-brotherHallack vanPelt
October 20, 1864 (Age 45 years)
Burial of a half-brotherHallack vanPelt
about October 21, 1864 (Age 45 years)
Note: Section 1, Row #6 N-S adjacent to wife Caroline Q Orr vanPelt.
Hallack vanPelt's monument in vanPelt cemetery, Waldron, Liberty Twp, Shelby Co, Indiana, USA

LOL: 86y, 5m, 8d Photo by and courtesy of JWright, findagrave member and contributor. All rights remain with its owner.

Death of a half-brotherHarvey vanPelt
January 12, 1869 (Age 49 years)
Burial of a half-brotherHarvey vanPelt
January 1869 (Age 49 years)
CensusEmily Mildred ShankView this family
August 15, 1870 (Age 50 years)
HF: 188/189, LN 20/23, Sulphur Hill PO, Pg.26, Noble Twp, Shelby Co, IN by Corydon W Morrison Squire L Vanpelt, 54/M/W, Farmer, 17000/3300, OH Emily Vanpelt, 29/F/W, IN Emma B ONeal, 13/F/W, IN, At School Willie ONeal, 5/M/W, IN, At School
Death of a half-sisterMargaret Jane vanPelt
January 26, 1874 (Age 54 years)
Burial of a half-sisterMargaret Jane vanPelt
about January 29, 1874 (Age 54 years)
Death of a half-brotherMatthias Corwin vanPelt
August 29, 1878 (Age 58 years)
CensusEmily Mildred ShankView this family
June 23, 1880 (Age 60 years)
SD 3, ED 208, Pg.43 (275), Addison Twp, Shelby Co, IN by Bruce Johnson S L Vanpelt, W/M/60/M, (Head), Farmer, OH-OH-OH Emmy E Vanpelt, W/F/40/M, Wife, Keeping House, IN-KY-KY Kate Fitzgebber, W/F/19/S, (none), Attending School, IN-Could not answer
Death of a half-brotherSutton vanPelt
July 10, 1882 (Age 62 years)
Death of a half-brotherSutton vanPelt
July 10, 1888 (Age 68 years)

Death of a wifeEmily Mildred Shank
March 5, 189610:30 p.m. (Age 76 years)
Obituary - THE SHELBY DAILY DEMOCRAT Thursday, March 12, 1896 page, 3 column 4 ------------ EMILY MILDRED VANPELT After A Lingering Illness, Passed Peacefully Away, Last Week ------------ Mrs. Emily M. Vanpelt, wife of S. L. Vanpelt, just south of this city, passed away at 10:30 p.m., March 5, 1896. She was the youngest daughter of a family of ten children of Col. Jacob Shank and Sarah Shank. Her brothers, Charles A., William, and Oscar, and sisters, Zorada Ann, Nancy, Sarah and Charlotte, have preceded her to the great beyond, while John S., Mrs. Mary O'Neal and Mrs. Catherine H. Vanpelt survive her. She was born March 4, 1840, was married to S. L. Vanpelt on September 20, 1864, and united with the Presbyterian Church, of this city in 1866. She has been a very active worker in the church from the date of her accession. She served for a number of years as treasurer of the Home Missionary Society of the White Water Presbytery, in which work she took a vast interest, devoting much of her time and contributing her means. She was one of the first of the membership of her church to advocate the sale of the old building on South Harrison street, and the erection of the present beautiful church on West Broadway. Her whole life has been one of sunshine and happiness. She never tired of entertaining her friends and was always pleased to have them about her. She was quite sensitive and ever carefully avoided saying anything to give offense to say to any one. She loved her husband with an affection that knew no bounds and one of her sorest disappointments in life was that she could not be spared to nurse him in his present sickness. Their lives along the journey of life have been so beautifully and thoroughly blended in that perfect Christian faith that it seems a most severe blow that either should have to be taken away from the other, but we must all bow to the will of Him who doeth all things for the best. At her bedside at the time of her demise were gathered her affectionate husband, her brother, John Shank, and her sisters, Mrs. Mary O'Neal and Mrs. Catherine H. Vanpelt; also her nieces, Mrs. Emma Murphy, Mrs. Mattie Major, Mrs. S. L. Major, Mrs. Will O'Neal and Mrs. Alexander Vanpelt; and her nephews, Will O'Neal, S. J. Cooper, Alexander Vanpelt and S. L. Major, together with a few friends. She fell asleep about seven o'clock and simply and peacefully slept from time into eternity without a struggle. Her taking away was the rounding up of a beautiful Christian life of an intellectual, earnest, devoted and magnificent woman. The funeral was held at the residence on Monday last at 9:30 a.m., after which she was interred in the Vanpelt cemetery in Noble township, this county, commonly known as the Ogden cemetery. The pall bearers were P. D. Harris, John Shelk, George Kent, Dr. S. P. McCrea, F. C. Sheldon and L. C. Powell. D. B. Wilson & Son had charge of the remains. Contributed by Barb Huff
Burial of a wifeEmily Mildred Shank
March 9, 1896 (Age 76 years)
Note: Buried adjacent to Mary, SL's first wife and SL vanPelt.
Emily Mildred Shank vanPelt's side of the family monument in the vanPelt cemetery, Waldron, Liberty Twp, Shelby Co, Indiana, USA

Note: Photo by and courtesy of Julie (nee Gahimer) Phillips, findagrave member and contributor. All rights remain with its owner.

CensusEmily Mildred ShankView this family
June 19, 1900 (Age 80 years)
HF: 243/348, LN: 35/36, SD 6, ED 103, Sheet 14A, Ward 2, 66 W Broadway St, Shelbyville, Addison Twp, Shelby Co, IN by Eramus S Powell Squire L Vanpelt, Head, W-M-SEP 1819-80-WD, OH-NJ-OH, Landlord, Y/Y/Y Effie Antle, Housekeeper, W-F-MAR 1866-34-S, IN-KY-KY, Housekeeper
Death January 11, 19075:05 p.m. (Age 87 years)
Cause of death: Severe Congestive Chill
THE SHELBYVILLE DAILY DEMOCRAT Saturday, January 12, 1907 page 1, column 1 ------------ HON. S. L. VANPELT ANSWER LAST ROLL Prominent And Venerable Citizen of Shelbyville Dies Friday Evening A PERSONAL LOSS THAT WILL BE MOURNED BY MANY Served With Credit The Citizens of Shelby County in Political Positions ------------ OLDEST RESIDENT OF COUNTY Shelby county is again called on to mourn the loss of one of its most prominent and respected citizens. Many will be the persons who will mourn, as a personal loss, the death of the Hon. S. L. Vanpelt, which occurred at his home in this city, Friday evening at 5:05 o'clock. Tuesday night, Mr. Vanpelt suffered a severe congestive chill, and since that time his condition has been such as to cause apprehension to his friends and relatives. The history of Mr. Vanpelt would be the history of the growth and progress of Shelbyville and Shelby county. He was the oldest continuous resi- dent in our county, and no man contributed more to its advancement than he did. Squire L. Vanpelt was born near the city of Lebanon, Warren county, Ohio, September 21, 1819, making him at the time of his death eighty-seven years, three months and 20 days of age. When but a child of two years, his parents moved to Shelby county, and located on Flat Rock, near the mouth of Conns Creek, having been among the earliest pioneers in this part of the county. [Paper torn-cannot read several paragraphs] The deceased was married in 1844 to Miss Mary Major, who died in December, 1863. Mr. Vanpelt's second marriage was solemnized in 1864 with Miss Emily Shank, of this county, who preceded him to the Great Beyond on March 5, 1896. Mr. Vanpelt was very active in church work, having been an officer of the First Presbyterian church of this city for more than forty years. Both his time and means were given liberally to anything appertaining to the affairs of his church. Before re- moving to thiscity, Mr. Vanpelt was a member of the Methodist church of Flat Rock. The last years of his life have been spent in quietude at his home on west Broadway street. Up to his last illness he delighted to meet his friends and chat pleasantly up on the questions of the day. His acquaintance in this county was practically unlimited, and his remarkable memory made him sought after by those desiring information concerning the early days of Shelby county. His immediate surviving relatives are the Major family, and children of half-brothers and half-sisters. Funeral services will be held Tuesday morning at nine o'clock at the First Presbyterian church. Interment will be in the Vanpelt cemetery in Noble township. The remains may be viewed by friends at his late residence from 9 to 11 Monday morning; 2 to 5 Monday afternoon; 6:30 to 9 Monday evening; 8 to 9 Tuesday morning. The casket will not be opened in the church. The remains may be viewed at the grave, this opportu- nity being given his old friends of his boyhood and early manhood to look for the last time on his well-loved face. The following gentlemen will act as pall-bearers at the funeral services; F.C. Sheldon, S.J. McCrea, J. H. Tomlin, J. W. Billman, D.L. Wilson and W. H. Stephens. The Rev. A.A. Pfansteihl, of Highland Park, Illinois, will officiate at the funeral services. Contributed by Barb Huff
Burial January 15, 1907 (4 days after death)
Note: Plot: Section 1, Row 9 N/S

Squire L vanPelt (1819-1907) monument in the vanPelt cemetery, Waldron, Liberty Twp, Shelby Co, Indiana, USA

Monument also denotes the burial of Squire's wives, Mary Major and Emily Mildred Shank. Photo by and courtesy of Julie (nee Gahlmer) Phillips. All rights remain with its owner.

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Marriage: November 27, 1814Butler Co, Ohio, USA
9 months
elder brother
2 years
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2 years
2 years
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Daniel vanPelt
Birth: February 11, 1822Indiana, USA
Death: August 19, 1834Shelby Co, Indiana, USA
2 years
younger sister
Infant vanPelt
Birth: June 1, 1824Shelby Co, Indiana, USA
Death: June 1, 1824Shelby Co, Indiana, USA
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