The Arnold and Moberly Family Genealogy

Lowell M TilsonAge: 89 years18721962

Lowell M Tilson
Given names
Lowell M
Birth August 19, 1872
Birth of a brotherVirgil Tilson
October 31, 1875 (Age 3 years)
Birth of a sisterMabel Tilson
April 23, 1878 (Age 5 years)
MarriageSusan E “Susie” PowellView this family
October 19, 1894 (Age 22 years)
Birth of a son
Harold Wilbur Tilson
December 27, 1896 (Age 24 years)
Birth of a daughter
Helen L Tilson
about June 1898 (Age 25 years)
CensusSusan E “Susie” PowellView this family
June 12, 1900 (Age 27 years)
HF: 342/351, LN: 65/68, SD 9, ED 5, Sheet 14B, 317 Jennison St, Lebanon City, Center Twp, Boone Co, Indiana, USA by Thomas M Small Lowell Tilson, Head, W-M-AUG 1872-27-M-5, IN-IN-IN, Music teacher Susan Tilson, Wife, W-F-APR 1872-27-M-5, 2/2, IN-KY-IN, none Harold Tilson, Son, W-M-DEC 1896-5-S, none Hellen Tilson, Dau, W-F-JUNE 1898-1-S, none
Birth of a daughter
Martha Jane Tilson
February 8, 1907 (Age 34 years)
CensusSusan E “Susie” PowellView this family
April 25, 1910 (Age 37 years)
HF: 192/203, LN: 44/48, SD 6, ED 20 Sheet 10A, 301 Avenue S?, Connersville, Connersville Twp, Fayette Co, IN by A. H. Davis Lowell Tilson, Head, M-W-37-M1-16, IN-IN-IN, English, Music Teacher - Public School Susan Tilson, Wife, F-W-37-M1-16, 3/3, IN-KY-IN, English, none Harold Tilson, Son, M-W-13, IN-IN-IN, English, none Helen Tilson, Dau, F-W-12, IN-IN-IN, English, none Martha Tilson, Dau, F-W-3, IN-IN-IN, none
CensusSusan E “Susie” PowellView this family
1920 (Age 47 years)
Note: 673 Swan St, Terre Haute, Harrison Twp, Vigo Co, Indiana, USA
CensusSusan E “Susie” PowellView this family
April 4, 1930 (Age 57 years)
HF: 82/93, LN: 87/90, SD 7, ED 84-9, Sheet 3B, 673 Swan St, Ward 2, Terre Haute, Harrison Twp, Vigo Co, Indiana, USA by Sarah A Gilbert Lowell M Tilson, Head, O/10000/R, M-W-57-M-21, N/Y, IN-VA-IN, Teacher - State College Susan E Tilson, Wife-H, F-W-56-M-20, N/Y, IN-KY-IN, none Helen L Tilson, Dau, F-W-31-S, N/Y, IN-IN-IN, Teacher - Public School Martha J Tilson, Dau, F-W-22-S, N/Y, IN-IN-IN, none
Death August 1962 (Age 89 years)
Family with parents - View this family
Marriage: September 13, 1871Franklin Twp, Johnson Co, Indiana, USA
11 months
3 years
younger brother
3 years
younger sister
Family with Susan E “Susie” Powell - View this family
Marriage: October 19, 1894Franklin Co, Indiana, USA
2 years
18 months
9 years