The Arnold and Moberly Family Genealogy

James Thompson

James Thompson
MarriageRebecca DesponitView this family
October 11, 1797
Birth of a daughter
Mary Thompson
between 1794 and 1799
Marriage of a childJohn PowellMary ThompsonView this family
June 24, 1821
Birth of a granddaughter
Sarah Margaret Powell
March 16, 1822
Birth of a granddaughter
Elizabeth Powell
August 4, 1823
Birth of a grandson
Jackson Powell
December 24, 1832
Birth of a granddaughter
Rebecca Powell
March 18, 1835

Birth of a grandson
Micajah Powell
about September 1836
Birth of a grandson
Joseph Powell
about October 1836
Birth of a granddaughter
Mary Powell
June 26, 1841

Birth of a grandson
John Powell
December 7, 1842
This could be a mention of our JAMES: List of names taken from depositions given in Richmond, Kentucky, 1801, 1806, 1807, 1808, 1811, 1814 by pioneers at Boonesborough (date opposite names indicates time they reached Boonesborough, according to deposition): James Anderson: Thos. Allen(Surveyor Mercer Co.); Daniel Boone, 1775; Anthony Bleasco (Surveyor): James Berry (Apr. 1779); Wm. Benton; George Boone; Wm. Bush (March 1775); Joseph Barnett; James Bridges; James Bryant (Before 1778); Edward Baxter (Col.); John Boyle (1775); Moses Bledsoe; George Bedinger; Squire Boone; Green Clay (Surveyor, Fall of 1780); Robert Caldwell; John Callaway; Wm. Cradlebaugh (to Ky., 1768-1775); Wm. Cooper; John Crooke (Surveyor); David Crews; Elijah Crews; Jacob Coons; Wm. Calk; Thos. Collins; John Colefoot; Lewis Craig; David Cook; John Constant; Samuel Duree; John Durbin; John Doniphan; Samuel Davis; Wm. Dryden; Samuel Estill (1779); James Estill (Capt. 1775); Talton Embry; Sally Estill (Born at Ft. Boonesborough, Oct. 19, 1782); Boudee Estill; Ben Estill; Richard Epperson (1776); Joseph Fowler; Robert Fleming; John Farrar, 1775 (Farrons); James Finley; (Mr.) Wm. Fall (Surveyor); Higgason Grubbs (Capt.) 1778; James Gates, 1776;*David Gass (Guess, Gist); Samuel Gilbert; MartinGentry; Peter Guerrant; Jesse Hodges (Surveyor, Oct. 1777 to 1786); Wm. Irvine; David C. Irvine; John Kennedy (killed fall of 1780); Wm. Kavanaugh; Charles Kavanaugh (son of Wm.); Joseph Kennedy, 1776; Thos. Lanham; David Lynch (Surveyor Dec. 24, 1779); Samuel Logan; Abraham Lewis; Lawrence Long; Thos. McQuean; Jesse Morris; (Miss) Jacob Myers; Wm. Miller; Wm. Mays; Thos. Mosely; Thos. Miller; Ralph Morgan; Wm. Martin; Wm. Morgan; Nicholas Meriwether; Neichael Overstreet; Tyree Oldham; JohnPeak, 1781; Thos. Phelps; Josiah Phelps, 1776 (Son of Thos.); John Pitman; Reuben Proctor; Joseph Proctor (1778); Nicholas Proctor (Capt. 1778); Rachel Proctor (Widow of Capt. James Estill. Nicholas Proctor her second husband); James Proctor; Yelverton Peyton, 1780; James Russel (Before 1778); Robert Rhodes; James Reed; Joseph Rice; George Robinson; Samuel Rice; Dudley Stone; Richard Searcy; John Snoddy (1775); Asa Searcy; (Gen.) John South; Samuel Snoddy; Michael Sherley; Michael Stoner (Surveyor and Hunter, 1775); Thos. Swearingen; Benoni Swearingen; John Tanner (Turner); Hale Talbott; Peter Taylor, 1780; Lawrence Thompson (1780); James Thompson; John Taylor (Baptist Preacher); Oswald Townsend (Surveyor 1775); (Capt.) Thomas Twitty; Joshua Townsend; Wm. Turpin; Solomon Turpin; David V. Walker; Joel Walker; Aquilla White (April 1779); (Capt.) John Whitaker; William Williams; Wyate Wilkerson; Richard Wells; Thos. Warren; Archibald Woo--(the last two letters did not copy); (Capt.) Dec. 1781; Adam Woods (135 names mentioned in deposition.)
And/or is this referring to our JAMES?: Letter written to Fielden L. Smithey from his father, Richard Smithey on January 10, 1852 Eldorado Mercer County, Kentucky January 10, 1852 Dear Son, I again embrace the present opportunity of writing you a few lines to inform of our present state of health. Our health has been very good since I wrote last. Sally is dead. She died about the 15th of December and left a child six months old named Mary Elizabeth. The rest of the connexions are well as far as I know. I am still living on Thomas Smithy's place where James Thompson lived. Joseph Hybarger is still living on the same old place. William and Lenard are living between Providence and the bridge on William McAfee's place. G. Washington is living at Taylors front on the Ohio River. Elizabeth's child is living with Willham his father. Willham is married again to James Thompson's daughter Margaret. The child's name is Richard Thomas. Fielden Smithy was born December 9th 1811 William Smithy was born February 18th 1814 G. W. Smithy was born September 7th 1815 Elizabeth O. Smithy was born June 13th 1817 Sara Ann Smithy was born November 24th 1819 Phebe Jane Smithy was born December 28th 1821 Alsey Smithy was born November 4th 1823 Fidela Smithy was born April 28th 1826 John Smithy was born September 25, 1827 My age is Richard Smithy was born January 15th, 1784 I wish to know what your corn crops are per acre. I want to know what kind of land you have. Several of our neighbors wish to know and probably visit you. Lenard wishes you to write him that letter he is very keen to come if he can get an excuse to come. Fidela sends a lock of her hair and wishes to know the name of the youngest child. Answer this letter immediately. Yor Father until death, Richard Smithy N.B. direct your next letter to Eldorado, McAfee post office Letter was addressed to: Mr. Fielden L. Smithy Corsicana, Texas and return address was McAfee, Kentucky, JAN 12th/52 This letter was given to the Trimble County Genealogy page by Billy Smithey, Jr. , Smithy descendant, and I would like to thank him for his contribution.