The Arnold and Moberly Family Genealogy

George W PowellAge: 57 years18691926

George W Powell
Given names
George W
Birth about August 1869
Birth of a sisterSusan E “Susie” Powell
about April 1872 (Age 2 years)
Death of a paternal grandmotherMary Thompson
July 1874 (Age 4 years)
Death of a maternal grandmotherSusan Wheat
July 17, 1874 (Age 4 years)

Birth of a brotherJohn Powell
June 22, 1875 (Age 5 years)
Birth of a sisterMyrtle Mae “Bertie” Powell
July 20, 1877 (Age 7 years)
Birth of a sisterBessie Powell
November 24, 1883 (Age 14 years)
Death of a maternal grandfatherWilliam Petty “Buck” Ransdell
1883 (Age 13 years)
Death of a brotherWilliam Ira Powell
July 21, 1892 (Age 22 years)
Burial of a brotherWilliam Ira Powell
July 23, 1892 (Age 22 years)
Note: Section 25, Lot 9
MarriageMary Harriet “Hattie” VoorhiesView this family
September 10, 1896 (Age 27 years)
Birth of a daughter
Lucille Powell
about October 1898 (Age 29 years)
CensusMary Harriet “Hattie” VoorhiesView this family
June 26, 1900 (Age 30 years)
HF: 212/218,LN: 8/11, SD: 7, ED 4, Sheet 11A, Franklin Twp, Johnson Co, IN by Albert Newton Covert George Powell, Head, W-M-AUG 1869-30-M-3, IN-KY-IN, Farmer Mary H Powell, Wife, W-F-NOV 1871-29-M-3, 1/1, IN-IN-IN, none Lucile Powell, Dau, W-F-OCT 1898-1-S, IN-IN-IN, none William M Davis, Servant, W-M-SEP 1863-36-M-13, IN-IN-IN, Farm Laborer
Death of a fatherJohn Powell
September 14, 1900 (Age 31 years)
LDS Baptism: status: SUBMITTED 30 APR 2000 * Endowment: status: SUBMITTED 30 APR 2000 * Sealing Child: status: SUBMITTED 30 APR 2000
Birth of a daughter
Eleanor Powell
1906 (Age 36 years)

Death of a motherJulia A Ransdell
January 29, 1906 (Age 36 years)
CensusMary Harriet “Hattie” VoorhiesView this family
April 30, 1910 (Age 40 years)
HF: 217/218, LN: 18/21, SD 4, ED 118, Sheet 19A, pg 55, Farm, Franklin Twp, Johnson Co, IN by Emerson Tracy Cockrell George Powell, Head, M-W-40-M1-12, IN-KY-IN, English, Farmer - General Farm Mary H Powell, Wife-H, F-W-39-M1-12, 2/2, IN-IN-IN, Eng., None Lucile Powell, Dau, F-W-11-S, IN-IN-IN, English, none Ellinore Powell, Dau, F-W-4-S, IN-IN-IN, -, None
Birth of a daughter
Doris J Powell
August 14, 1914 (Age 45 years)
Birth of a daughter
Julia A Powell
1915 (Age 45 years)
Death of a brotherOria “Ori” Powell
about June 29, 1915 (Age 45 years)

Burial of a brotherOria “Ori” Powell
July 1, 1915 (Age 45 years)
Note: Section 55, Lot 55
CensusMary Harriet “Hattie” VoorhiesView this family
January 6, 1920 (Age 50 years)
HF: 46/46, LN: 76/80, Farm, SD 80, ED 133, Sheet 2B, Franklin Twp, Johnson Co, IN by Harvey A Long George Powell, Head, R/-, M-W-50-M, -/Y/Y, IN-KY-IN, Farmer - General Farm Harriett Powell, wife, F-W-48-M, -/Y/Y, IN-IN-IN, none Elenor Powell (Eleanor), dau, F-W-14-S, Y/Y/Y, IN-IN-IN Julia A Powell, dau, F-W-5-S, N/Y/Y, IN-IN-IN James Betner, Hired Man, M-W-54-S, -/Y/Y, IN-IN-IN, none* (s/b Farm Laborer)
Death of a daughterEleanor Powell
about July 29, 1923 (Age 53 years)

Burial of a daughterEleanor Powell
August 2, 1923 (Age 54 years)
Death about August 24, 1926 (Age 57 years)

Burial August 26, 1926 (2 days after death)
GEORGE W. POWELL Burial: 08/26/1926 Section: 2, Marker: N, Lot: 81
CensusMary Harriet “Hattie” VoorhiesView this family
April 15, 1930 (3 years after death)
HF: 106/107, LN: 55/58, SD 11, ED 41-7, Sheet 5B, Franklin Twp, Johnson Co, IN by Grover C Ohlergge Abram Vorhees, Head, 0/5000/N, M-W-83-WD, N/Y, IN-KY-KY, None Mary H Powell, Dau-H, F-W-59-WD, N/Y, IN-IN-IN, None Lette G Voris, Dau, F-W-48-S, N/Y, IN-IN-IN, None Julia A Powell, GrdDau, F-W-15-S, Y/Y, none
Family with parents - View this family
Marriage: September 24, 1861Johnson Co, Indiana, USA
11 months
elder brother
Alonzo Powell
Birth: September 7, 1862Johnson Co, Indiana, USA
Death: January 19, 1930Marion Co, Indiana, USA
3 years
elder brother
William Ira Powell
Birth: July 26, 1865Johnson Co, Indiana, USA
Death: July 21, 1892Johnson Co, Indiana, USA
21 months
elder brother
2 years
3 years
younger sister
3 years
younger brother
2 years
younger sister
6 years
younger sister
Family with Mary Harriet “Hattie” Voorhies - View this family
Marriage: September 10, 1896Johnson Co, Indiana, USA
2 years
8 years
9 years
17 months