The Arnold and Moberly Family Genealogy

Charles “Charley” ArnoldAge: 51 years18721924

Charles “Charley” Arnold
Given names
Also known as
Charley Arnold
Birth December 3, 1872
Birth of a sisterMinnie Arnold
October 18, 1875 (Age 2 years)
Birth of a brotherIra Modie Arnold
September 1, 1878 (Age 5 years)
Note: Parents supposedly MO/TX from 1920 census, but we know better.
Birth of a brotherJames Hallard “Hallie” Arnold
November 22, 1881 (Age 8 years)
Birth of a brotherTheodore William Arnold
April 6, 1883 (Age 10 years)
Birth of a brotherFrederick Joseph “Freddie” Arnold
September 9, 1885 (Age 12 years)
Birth of a brotherTecumpsy Columbus “Cump” Arnold
July 18, 1888 (Age 15 years)
Death of a brotherFrederick Joseph “Freddie” Arnold
October 29, 1890 (Age 17 years)
Burial of a brotherFrederick Joseph “Freddie” Arnold
about October 30, 1890 (Age 17 years)
Birth of a brotherAddison William “Addie” Arnold
May 17, 1891 (Age 18 years)
MarriageSallie Ann HammView this family
about 1897 (Age 24 years)

Death of a maternal grandmotherElizabeth …(Hattan)
August 7, 1897 (Age 24 years)
Birth of a daughter
Ethel Arnold
about December 1897 (Age 24 years)
CensusSallie Ann HammView this family
June 13, 1900 (Age 27 years)
HF: 132/136, LN: 52/58, SD 1, ED 59, Sheet 7B, Justice Precinct 8, Hopkins Co, Texas, USA by W E McLaughlin Clum Arnold, Head, W-M-JAN 1894-56-M-30, IN-KY-KY, Farmer Mary A Arnold, Wife, W-F-SEP 1854-45-M-30, 10/8, KY-KY-KY, none Hallie Arnold, Son, W-M-NOV 1880-19-S, TX-IN-KY, Farm Laborer Theodore Arnold, Son, W-M-APR 1883-17-S, TX-IN-KY, Farm Laborer Cumfs Arnold, Son, W-M-JUL 1887-12-S, TX-IN-KY, Farm Laborer Addie Arnold, Son, W-M-MAY 1890-9-S, TX-IN-KY, none Emmerce Davis, Servant, B-F-JUN 1865-35-S, UNK-UNK-UNK, Cooking next door in HF: 133/137, LN: 59/61 are Columbus' son and his family: Charley Arnold, Head, W-M-DEC 1871-28-M-3, IN-IN-KY, Farmer Sallie Arnold, Wife, W-F-JAN 1876-24-M-3, 1/1, AL-AL-AL, none Ethel Arnold, Dau, W-F-DEC 1897-2-S, TX-IN-AL, none
Birth of a son
Herschel Lenzie Arnold
October 25, 1904 (Age 31 years)
CensusSallie Ann HammView this family
April 26, 1910 (Age 37 years)
HF: 148/157, LN: 52/55, SD 1, ED 69, Sheet 8B, Justice Precinct 8, Hopkins Co, Texas, USA by John E Stribling Charley Arnold, Head, M-W-37-M1-13, IN-IN-KY, English, Farmer - General Farm Sallie Arnold, Wife, F-W-34-M1-13, 2/2, AL-AL-AL, English, none Ethel Arnold, Dau, F-W-12-S, TX-IN-AL, English, none Hershal Arnold, Son, M-W-6-S, TX-IN-AL, none
Death of a motherMary Ann Hattan
1917 (Age 44 years)
CensusSallie Ann HammView this family
January 28, 1920 (Age 47 years)
HF: FM-187/207, LN: 36/40, SD 1, ED 82, Sheet 10A, Justice Precinct 8, Hopkins Co, Texas, USA by Aurelaus G Horgis Charlie Arnold, Head, O/F, M-W-48-M, N/Y/Y, IN-IN-IN, Laborer - Farm Sally Arnold, Wife, F-W-44-M, N/Y/Y, AL-AL-AL, HouseWife - House Herschell Arnold, Son, M-W-16-S, Y?y/Y, TX-IN-AL, Yes, None Vern Parker, Nephew, M-W-10-S, Y/Y/Y, TX-ARK-AL, Yes, none Kenneth Parker, Nephew, M-W-4-S, N/N/N, TX-ARK-AL, No, none -NOTE: these are possibly children of George W and Susan J Parker. Nearby families include: Robert Blackwell (M/33-TX) with Lareta and Geraldine Modia Arnold [Ira] (M/39-TX) with wife Ora and Sons Toby and Haskel Charlie Lindley (M/32-TX) with wife Sally Mack Crisp (M/49-TX) with wife Rosebud Tillman Keith (M/48-IN) with daus Lilly, children Pearl, Lana, son Clifton and father Marion
Death of a fatherChristopher Columbus Simon Arnold
1923 (Age 50 years)
Death February 16, 1924 (Age 51 years)
Note: Charley Arnold, well-known citizen of Peerless, died at his home after a lingering illness. He was 52 years old, and leaves a wife and two children. (transcribe here, courtesy of the Daily News-Telegram, Hopkins Co, Texas, USA and published 17 FEB 1924).
Burial after February 17, 1924 (1 day after death)
CensusSallie Ann HammView this family
April 11, 1930 (6 years after death)
HF: 205/205, LN: 27/50, SD 5, ED 112-29, Sheet 10A, Justice Precinct 8, Hopkins Co, Texas, USA by Mrs Frank Gregg Sallie Arnold, Head-H, O/-/-/yes, F-W-54-WD, N/Y, AL-AL-AL, yes, Farmer - General Farm/E, Y/-, 201 Josep P Parker, Nephew, M-W-16-S, Y/Y, AR-AR-AR, yes, Laborer - General Farm/W, Y/- Kenith Parker, Nephew, M-W-14-S, Y/Y, AR-AR-AR, yes, none -NOTE: above is Sallie's son, Herschell, HF: 204/204, LN: 44/46 Hercil L Arnold, Head, R/-/-/yes, M-W-25 [1905]-M-19 [1924], N/Y, TX-IN-AL, Yes, Farmer - General Farm/E, Y/-, N/-, 200 Glodis* A Arnold, Wife-H, F-W-23-M-17, N/Y, TX-TN-TX, yes, none Bonnie G Arnold, Dau, F-W-5-S, N/Y, TX-TX-TX, none
Family with parents - View this family
Marriage: April 1, 1869Indiana, USA
3 years
elder sister
23 months
3 years
younger sister
3 years
younger brother
3 years
younger brother
James Hallard “Hallie” Arnold
Birth: November 22, 1881Hopkins Co, Texas, USA
Death: June 15, 1953Hopkins Co, Texas, USA
16 months
younger brother
2 years
younger brother
Frederick Joseph “Freddie” Arnold
Birth: September 9, 1885Hopkins Co, Texas, USA
Death: October 29, 1890Hopkins Co, Texas, USA
3 years
younger brother
3 years
younger brother
Family with Sallie Ann Hamm - View this family
Marriage: about 1897
1 year
7 years
Herschel Lenzie Arnold
Birth: October 25, 1904Hopkins Co, Texas, USA
Death: October 2, 1953Hopkins Co, Texas, USA