The Arnold and Moberly Family Genealogy

Charles Edward “Charlie” MoberlyAge: 59 years18771937

Charles Edward “Charlie” Moberly
Given names
Charles Edward
Birth December 16, 1877
Birth of a brotherHarry Milton Moberly
August 6, 1879 (Age 19 months)
Birth of a brotherFrank Moberly
November 26, 1886 (Age 8 years)
Note: Moberly, Ng - John & Mollie Dewitt, M, W, Nov 26, 1886, H-3, 19
Birth of a brotherOris D Moberly
August 5, 1890 (Age 12 years)
Note: Mobley, Ng - John M & Mary Dewitt, M, W, Aug 5, 1890, H-5, 12
Death of a maternal grandfatherHiram DeWitt
March 18, 1898 (Age 20 years)
Note: Buried: Bennett Cemetery, Shelby Co, Indiana, USA
MarriageEthel Mae BrownView this family
October 19, 1898 (Age 20 years)
Marriage also shown as: MOBERLY,---,CHARLES E,---,BROWN,M,W, 01 FEB 1902, SHELBY, H-9,48,4212,
CensusEthel Mae BrownView this family
June 22, 1900 (Age 22 years)
HF: 149/149, LN: 51/52, SD 6, ED 101, Sheet 7B, Shelbyville, Addison Twp, Shelby Co, IN by George C Stubbs Charles Moberly, Head, W-M-DEC 1877-22-M-1, IN-IN-IN, Farmer May Moberly, Wife, W-F-MAY 1880-20-M-1, 0/0, IN-IN-IN, none Next door is father, Sheet 8A, 25 JUN 1900, HF: 147/148, LN: 46/50 John M Moberly (transcribed as Moberley), Head, W-M-AUG 1843-57-M-22, IN-KY-KY, Farmer Mary E Moberly, Wife, W-F-OCT 1852-M-23, 4/4, IN-OH-OH, none Harry Moberly, Son, W-M-AUG 1879-20-S, IN-IN-IN, Farm Laborer Frank Moberly, Son, W-M-NOV 1885-14-S, IN-IN-IN, Farm Laborer Oris Moberly, Son, W-M-AUG 1895-9-S, IN-IN-IN, none next door to a Wheeler family, IN-KY-KY
Death of a paternal grandmotherJulila Barnes
June 17, 1901 (Age 23 years)

Birth of a son
Thomas Lowell Moberly
February 1, 1902 (Age 24 years)
Note: Moberly, Ng, - Charles E & Ng Brown, M, W, FEB 1, 1902 H-9, 48
Death of a wifeEthel Mae Brown
June 7, 1903 (Age 25 years)
MarriageFlorence May ZikeView this family
August 22, 1904 (Age 26 years)
Birth of a son
Charles Maurice “Morris” Moberly
September 20, 1905 (Age 27 years)
Note: Moberly, Ng - Charles E & Ng Zike, M, W, Sep 20, 1905, H-11, 21
Birth of a son
Clark M Moberly
August 30, 1907 (Age 29 years)
Shelby Co Records also show a discrepancy of 31 AUG vs 30 AUG: MOBERLY,ng, CHARLES E & ng ZIKE, M, W, AUG 31,1907, SHELBY, H-12, 12, 4212
Death of a paternal grandfatherThomas H Moberly
October 11, 19083 pm (Age 30 years)
Birth of a daughter
Mary Adeline Moberly
January 6, 1910 (Age 32 years)
Note: Moberly, Mary A - Charles & Florence Zike, F, W, Jan 6, 1910, H-13 61
CensusFlorence May ZikeView this family
April 25, 1910 (Age 32 years)
HF: 104/106, LN: 28/32, SD 6, ED 127, Sheet 6A, Shelbyville, Addison Twp, Shelby Co, Indiana, USA by Arthur M Magues Transcribed as MOBELY John E Moberly, Head, M-W-67-M1-33, IN-IN-IN, English, Farmer - Gen Farm Mary E Moberly, Wife, F-W-57-M1-33, 3/3, IN-IN-IN, English, none Frank Moberly, Son, M-W-23-x, IN-IN-IN, English, Farmer - Gen Farm Oris Moberly, Son, M-W-19-x, IN-IN-IN, English, Farmer - Gen Farm Thomas Moberly, Grandson, M-W-7-x, IN-In-IN, English, none nearby at HF: 100/101 are Charles E Moberly, Head, M-W-33-M2-6, IN-IN-IN, English, Trader - Stock Florence Moberly, Wife, F-W-34-M2-6, 5/5, IN-IN-NC, English, none Marie Moberly, Dau, F-W-13-x, IN-IN-IN, English, none Gladys Moberly, Dau, F-W-11-x, IN-IN-IN, English, none Morris Moberly, Son, M-W-4-x, IN-IN-IN, none Clark Moberly, Son, M-W-3-x, IN-IN-IN, none Mary Moberly, Dau, F-W-3/12-x, IN-IN-IN, none Richard Kincard, Boarder, M-W-42-WD, IN-IN-IN, english, Laborer - Gen Farm and nearby Tilson Wheeler family, Jasper C Wheeler family and Frank C Hoop family
Birth of a daughter
Dorothy F Moberly
November 18, 1911 (Age 33 years)
Note: Moberly, Dorothy F - Charles & Florena Ziko, F, W, NOV 18, 1911, H-14, 33
WWI Draft Registration
September 12, 1918 (Age 40 years)
Occupation: Farmer, self
Worked on Draft Board - signed several Shelby County registrations
September 1918 (Age 40 years)
Death of a wifeFlorence May Zike
January 14, 1919 (Age 41 years)
The Shelby Democrat (weekly paper) from Wednesday's daily Thursday, January 16, 1919 ESTEEMED WOMAN DIED TUESDAY NIGHT ---------- Florence May Moberly, wife of Charles F. Moberly, passed away at their home northeast of this city in Addison township, Tuesday evening at 9 o'clock, her death being caused by tuberculosis, with which she had suffered for the past year. Mrs. Moberly was one of the well known women of this county. She was born in Manilla, Feb. 4, 1877, and would have been forty-two years of age next month. Her parents, Joseph and Adeline Zike, were residents of Manilla and her early life was spent there. Her marriage to Mr. Moberly occurred on Aug. 22, 1904, and their life has been one of ideal happiness. Six children and one step-child survive besides the husband. They are Lowell, Dorothy, Mary, Clark, Maurice and Mrs. Roy Sexton, and Miss Gladys Jones of a former marriage. Her aged mother and her brother, Dr. Charles Zike, of Manilla, also survive. Mrs. Moberly was one of the progressive women of the community and one who was always interested in the welfare of her friends and neighbors. She could always be depended upon to assist in the time of need and her efforts have been rewarded during her own illness by the kindness that has been showered upon her. Hope of her recovery was held by all her friends and her death has caused untold grief to her family and friends. She was a member of the Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church and one of its best members. Funeral services are announced for Friday afternoon at the late home at two o'clock and Stewart & Fix, undertakers, will have charge of the burial in Forest Hill cemetery. Contributed by Nancy Vance Glover Summarized by Phyllis Miller Fleming
Burial of a wifeFlorence May Zike
January 17, 1919 (Age 41 years)
CensusFlorence May ZikeView this family
January 21, 1920 (Age 42 years)
HF: FM 268/272, LN: 47/50, farm on Marion Pike, SD 6, ED 102, Sheet 12A, Addison Twp, Shelby Co, Indiana, USA by Forrest W Main Charles Moberly, Head, R/-, M-W-43-WD, -YYY, IN-IN-IN, Yes, Farmer - General Farm/EM, 150 Maurice Moberly, Son, M-W-14-S, YYY, IN-IN-IN, yes, none Clark Moberly, Son, M-W-12-S, YYY, IN-IN-IN, yes, none Mary Moberly, Dau, F-W-10-S, YYY, IN-IN-IN, yes, none Dorthy* Moberly, Dau, F-W-7-S, Y--, IN-IN-IN, yes, none Jane Critzer, Servant, F-W-60-D, -YY, IN-IN-IN, yes, Housekeeper - Private Family/W
MarriageKatherine FridayView this family
April 4, 1920 (Age 42 years)
Death of a fatherJohn Milton Moberly
August 27, 1925 (Age 47 years)
Note: Moberly, John M.: Date of death: AUG 27, 1925. Source: 1925 Shelbyville Republican, but Marge Roberts
Death of a daughterDorothy F Moberly
January 4, 1930 (Age 52 years)

Death September 7, 1937 (Age 59 years)
Burial about September 8, 1937 (1 day after death)
Family with parents - View this family
Marriage: December 28, 1876Shelby Co, Indiana, USA
1 year
20 months
younger brother
7 years
younger brother
4 years
younger brother
Family with Ethel Mae Brown - View this family
Marriage: October 19, 1898Shelby Co, Indiana, USA
3 years
Family with Florence May Zike - View this family
Marriage: August 22, 1904Shelby Co, Indiana, USA
13 months
23 months
2 years
22 months
Family with Katherine Friday - View this family
Marriage: April 4, 1920Shelby Co, Indiana, USA
Marcus A Jones + Florence May Zike - View this family
wife’s husband
Marriage: June 23, 1895Manilla, Union Twp, Shelby Co, Indiana, USA
1 year
4 years