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Jeannette CrawleyAge: 86 years19021988

Jeannette Crawley
Given names
Married name
Jeannette Cooper
Birth February 10, 1902
Death of a maternal grandmotherEsther Ann Catlin
1903 (Age 10 months)

Death of a paternal grandfatherDavid Crawley
July 29, 1910 (Age 8 years)
David Crawley was born in Clark County, Illinois on October 20, 1831. He was the son of Anderson and Sarah Whitlock Crawley. They moved to Fairbanks County (sic - s/b Fairbanks Twp, Sullivan County, Indiana) in 1840. He founded the furniture and undertaking firm of Crawley & McKinley in 1860. In 1870, he was elected County treasurer. In 2878, he was elected County Auditor and served 8 years. He later served several years as Clerk and Treasurer for the town of Sullivan, Indiana. He died on July 29, 1910 during an operatoin performed in his home in Sullivan without anathesia (sic). He had been ill for several months with kidney trouble. David Crawley married Mary Anne Drake, daughter of Henry and Agnes Drake on Decemner 23, 1952. They had six children. The oldest, Charles Edgar Crawley, was the father to Jeannette Crawley Cooper.
Death of a fatherCharles Edgar Crawley
January 27, 1911 (Age 8 years)
January 14th, from the Saturday edition of the Sullivan (Indiana) Daily Times: ATTEMPTS TO KILL HIMSELF CHARLES E. CRAWLEY TIRED OF LIVING, SLASHES THROAT WITH PAPER KNIFE, FOLLOWS AN ARREST Was taken into custody few days ago on charge of issuing check on Sullivan bank, when he had no funds - - Condition critical. Sullivan people were shocked Saturday by the news of an attempt of Charles E. Crawley, to commit suicide in a hotel at Indianapolis. Word from Indianapolis at noon Saturday was that Crawley was suffering intensely, but probably would recover. Mrs. Charles E. Crawley went to Indianapolis Saturday morning concerning the attempt an Indianapolis dispatch says: Within four days after he had been arrested, charged with petty larceny, following the cashing of an alleged worthless check on a Sullivan bank, Charles E. Crawley of Sullivan attempted to commit suicide yesterday afternoon in a room at the St. Nicholas Hotel, 1812 West Ohio Street, making an ugly wound in his throat with a paper knife. Crawley was found by Miss Minnie Orth, manager of the hotel, shortly before seven o’clock last evening, after the door to his room had been forced by W.D. Smith. Crawley is at the City Hospital, where it is said he may recover, although he is in critical condition from loss of blood. Crawley had been in Indianapolis several days in connection with a desired position as clerk in the House of Representatives. When he was taken to the hospital, following the attempted suicide yesterday, he told the police he did not know why he tried to end his life, except that he was tired of living. ARRESTED MONDAY Crawley was arrested Monday by detectives Dugan and Hull, charged with petty larceny. Henry C. Dipple, a North Delaware Street saloon keeper, cashed a check of ten dollars for him. He was released on bond and a trial is set for January 17. His arrest is thought to have some bearing on the attempted suicide last night. Crawley registered at the St. Nicholas Hotel Tuesday and has been there since that time. Yesterday when he failed to leave his room, Miss Orth went to the door and called several times, but Crawley failed to respond. She became frightened and went for aid. Smith was standing in the hall, and with a pass key opened the door. He said Crawley was lying on the bed in the room gasping for breath. The police were bicycle men Hartsell and Stewart went at once to the hotel. Crawley refused to talk with them, except to say he knew of no reason for the act other than that he wanted to die. He was placed in a police emergency machine and hurried to the hospital. The paper knife with which he attempted to kill himself is in the hands of the police. Crawley came to the hotel Tuesday”, said Miss Orth, “coming in through the rear entrance the first time he came. He wanted a room, and I gave him the one on the third floor where he was found last night. Each day he paid for his room in advance and hardly ever stepped out except to get his meals.” FAILS TO LEAVE HIS ROOM “ Today when he failed to go out for dinner I was frightened and went to his room. He told me at the time, which was about 12 o’clock, that he would be out of the room in a few minutes. I waited for him to appear, but he still failed to come. About 7 o’clock I again went to the room and called, but he failed to answer. Then we opened the door with a pass key.” Crawley evidently committed the act sometime yesterday afternoon, according to police. The blood on the sheets and coveret had dried. There were no papers in the room to tell why Crawley had tried to end his life. Miss Orth said so far as she knew Crawley had not been drinking in the room, although his appearance indicated that he had been drinking for several days. She said when he registered his hand shook convulsively. He registered under an assumed name.” January 16th, from the Monday Sullivan Daily Times: RECOVERY IS SURE Word was received from Indianapolis Monday that Charles E. Crawley, who tried to commit suicide by cutting his throat in an Indianapolis hotel Friday night, is improving rapidly and there is no question but that he will recover. Mr. (Bert) Crawley who went to see him Saturday was expected to return home Monday. January 23rd, from the Monday Sullivan Daily Times: C.E. CRAWLEY IS WORSE Bert Crawley returned home Sunday from Indianapolis where he was at the bedside of C.E. Crawley. Mr. Crawley’s condition is worse. He is unconscious and his family and friends entertain very little hope for his recovery. February 1st, from the Wednesday Sullivan Daily Times: CRAWLEY IS DEAD Word was received at 9 o’clock Tuesday night that Charles E. Crawley died at the Protestant Deaconess Hospital in Indianapolis. It was generally thought that Mr. Crawley was growing better, but the change for the worse came last Friday. The remains will be brought to Sullivan Wednesday afternoon and will be taken to the John H. Allen undertaking parlors. The funeral will be private Thursday afternoon at two o’clock. The service will be conducted by Rev. J.H. McArthur, pastor of the Presbyterian Church. February 2nd, from the Thursday Sullivan Daily Times: FUNERAL IS HELD The funeral of Charles E. Crawley was held Thursday afternoon at 2:20 at the residence of his mother, Mrs. David Crawley, 218 West Giles Street and was preached by Rev. J.H. McArthur, pastor of the Presbyterian Church. Miss E.D. Crawley of Kansas City arrived Thursday to attend the funeral and will visit relatives here for a short time.
Death of a paternal grandmotherMary Anne Drake
1922 (Age 19 years)

Death of a motherKate Lou Basler
March 13, 1951 (Age 49 years)
Cause: Carcinoma of rectum and senility
Death of a brotherFerdinand Basler “Ferd” Crawley
1953 (Age 50 years)

Death of a brotherCharles Eugene “Gene” Crawley
November 25, 1955 (Age 53 years)
Death of a brotherDavid “Dave” Crawley
October 11, 1965 (Age 63 years)
Death of a brotherJoseph Harold “Jo” Crawley
January 2, 1973 (Age 70 years)

Death of a sisterMadeline Crawley
September 29, 1973 (Age 71 years)
Death of a sisterMargaret Looise Crawley
April 17, 1986 (Age 84 years)
Death of a husbandHomer 'Kenneth' “Kenny and Ken” Cooper
March 17, 1988 (Age 86 years)
Cause: Congestive Heart Failure and Lower Bowell Cancer
Death May 31, 1988 (Age 86 years)
Cause of death: Congestive Heart Failure and Alzeimer's Disease symptoms
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Marriage: March 21, 1882Sullivan, Hamilton Twp, Sullivan Co, Indiana, USA
20 months
elder brother
20 months
elder brother
2 years
elder brother
23 months
elder sister
3 years
elder brother
2 years
elder sister
2 years
elder brother
Willard Timothy Crawley
Birth: July 6, 1896Sullivan Co, Indiana, USA
Death: March 7, 1898Sullivan Co, Indiana, USA
3 years
elder sister
Madeline Crawley
Birth: February 10, 1899Sullivan Co, Indiana, USA
Death: September 29, 1973Orange Co, California, USA
3 years
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