The Arnold and Moberly Family Genealogy

King James IIAge: 29 years14301460

King James II
Name prefix
Given names
James II
Birth October 16, 1430

Death of a fatherKing James I
February 21, 1437 (Age 6 years)
Cause: Murdered
Note: James I was murdered at Perth Castle on 21 February 1437. His remains were buried beneath a 'magnificent monument' at the Carthusian Priory in Perth. On 11 May 1559, following a sermon by John Knox, the Carthusian Priory in Perth was attacked by a mob of Scottish Calvinists. Everything was destroyed including the royal tombs and remains.
Birth of a son
King James III
July 10, 1451 (Age 20 years)

Death August 3, 1460 (Age 29 years)

Burial after August 4, 1460 (1 day after death)