The Arnold and Moberly Family Genealogy


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Individuals with surname Arnold, S…

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Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Sadie B Arnold
Sadie B Raines
about 1879142Indiana, USA0
Sallie S Arnold
about 1872149Pike Co, Indiana, USA0
Sally Ann “Sarey” Arnold
Sally Ann Risley
about 1816205Indiana, USA3
Sally V Arnold
about 1835186Kentucky, USA0
Samuel Arnold
about June 1841180Mercer Co, Kentucky, USA4
Samuel Jacob Arnold
November 21, 1885136Hopkins Co, Texas, USA7October 30, 19566570Hopkins Co, Texas, USA
Samuel M Arnold
November 13, 1828193Logan Co, Kentucky, USA8February 24, 190911280Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky, USA
Samuel M Arnold Jr
about 1865156Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky, USA0
Samuel M Arnold Jr
about November 1879142Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky, USA0October 16, 19348754Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky, USA
Samuel Marshall Arnold
June 4, 1830191Kentucky, USA5
Samuel P “Sam” Arnold
January 7, 1903118Oklahoma, USA1March 19734870Cleveland Co, Oklahoma, USA
Samuel P “Sam” Arnold Jr
April 3, 192794Oklahoma, USA1June 6, 20101183
Samuel P Arnold
November 24, 1836185Kentucky, USA2January 18, 190611569Greene Co, Indiana, USA
Samuel Semeral “Buster” Arnold
July 1, 1904117Hopkins Co, Texas, USA1February 3, 19724967Texas, USA
Sanford N Arnold
about March 1870151Pike Co, Indiana, USA0
Santa John Arnold
December 16, 1878142Spencer Co, Indiana, USA519576478Hendricks Co, Indiana, USA
Sarabetta Arnold
about 1843178Kentucky, USA0
Sarah Arnold
Sarah Boyd
1822199Warrick Co, Indiana, USA0May 26, 186815346Indiana, USA
Sarah Arnold
between 1700 and 17503210
Sarah Arnold
Sarah Thatcher
about 16963250
Sarah Arnold
Sarah Hart
about 17672540
Sarah Arnold
about 1861160Indiana, USA0
Sarah Arnold
about 1843/44 CE (1844)177Pike Co, Indiana, USA0
Sarah Arnold
Sarah Carlisle
Sarah Arnold
about 1875146Warrick Co, Indiana, USA0
Sarah Arnold
about 1869152Arkansas, USA0
Sarah Arnold
Sarah Arnold
June 8, 1797224Greenville Co, South Carolina, USA1about August 186815371Grayson Co, Texas, USA
Sarah Arnold
about 18152060
Sarah A Arnold
about August 1859162Indiana, USA0
Sarah Ann Arnold
Sarah Ann Edwards
about 1845176Warrick Co, Indiana, USA0
Sarah Ann Arnold
October 14, 1850171Vinton Co, Ohio, USA13April 22, 19398288Pike Co, Indiana, USA
Sarah Ann Arnold
Sarah Ann Hawes
October 10, 1874147Butler Co, Kentucky, USA0February 5, 19427967Butler Co, Kentucky, USA
Sarah E Arnold
about 1858163Indiana, USA0
Sarah Elizabeth Arnold
January 17, 1895126Pike Co, Indiana, USA0November 29, 18971242Pike Co, Indiana, USA
Sarah Elizabeth Arnold
June 25, 1984370June 25, 1984370
Sarah Ellen Arnold
Sarah Ellen Engler
August 10, 1859162Butler Co, Kentucky, USA7after 19309170Crittenden Co, Kentucky, USA
Sarah Ellen Arnold
April 5, 1834187Pendleton Co, Kentucky, USA0
Sarah Emaline Arnold
Sarah Emaline McPherson
June 19, 1842179Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky, USA0November 19, 191510673Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky, USA
Sarah J Arnold
April 22, 1849172Pike Co, Indiana, USA0December 23, 186115912Pike Co, Indiana, USA
Sarah Jane “Sally” Arnold
Sarah “Sally” Jane Hurt
Sarah “Sally” Jane Tibbet
about August 1879142Pike Co, Indiana, USA1
Sarah Jane Arnold
Sarah Jane Matteson
December 8, 1824196Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky, USA8December 23, 189112967Pike Co, Indiana, USA
Sarah Jane Arnold
Sarah Jane Caudell
about 1855166Johnson Co, Arkansas, USA0after 189412739Laflore Co, Oklahoma, USA
Sarah L Arnold
March 1890131Texas, USA0
Sarah M Arnold
June 11, 1878143Pike Co, Indiana, USA0May 27, 18801411Pike Co, Indiana, USA
Sarah Whitten “Sally” Arnold
Sarah Whitten Moxley
about 1818203Kentucky, USA0
Sherman Arnold
June 8, 1902119Kentucky, USA0September 7, 19863584Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky, USA
Shirley June Arnold
February 15, 194180Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky, USA0February 24, 1941800Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky, USA
Silas Arnold
about October 1870151Kentucky, USA2
Silas Bascone Arnold
about January 1910111Hopkins Co, Texas, USA0
Silas Marion Arnold
April 19, 1871150Butler Co, Kentucky, USA6July 6, 19526981Christian Co, Kentucky, USA
Simon Whitten Arnold
April 1, 1863158Harrison Co, Indiana, USA3August 5, 191810355Hood River Co, Oregon, USA
Sirelda Arnold
Surelda Arnold
about 1835186Kentucky, USA0
Sophia “Toni” Arnold
about 1867154McLean Co, Kentucky, USA0
Squire Arnold
December 16, 1865155Butler Co, Kentucky, USA0December 7, 19368470Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky, USA
Stacie L Arnold
1901120Indiana, USA119279426Pike Co, Indiana, USA
Stanley Arnold
about March 1900121Ohio, USA0
Stanley G Arnold
about 1901120Kentucky, USA0
Stephen John Arnold
December 31, 1790230Wilkes Co, Georgia, USA5July 1, 184417753Jackson Co, Georgia, USA
Sirelda Arnold
Surelda Arnold
about 1835Kentucky, USA0
Surilda Arnold
Kentucky, USA0
Susan Arnold
about 1856165Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky, USA0
Susan Arnold
about 1841180Kentucky, USA0
Susannah Arnold
August 31, 1850171Boyle Co, Kentucky, USA0October 4, 18541674Boyle Co, Kentucky, USA
Susie Ann Arnold
Susie Ann Gaines
October 13, 1905116Stoddard Co, Missouri, USA1November 5, 19675462Butler Co, Missouri, USA
Susie K Arnold
Susie K Baldwin
June 20, 1900121Kentucky, USA0April 6, 19338832McLean Co, Kentucky, USA
Syntha Jane Arnold
Synthia Jane Arnold
Syntha Jane Paul
Jane Powell
about September 1834187Kentucky, USA7December 12, 190811274Warrick Co, Indiana, USA
Syntha Jane Arnold
Synthia Jane Arnold
Syntha Jane Paul
Jane Powell
about September 1834Kentucky, USA7December 12, 190874Warrick Co, Indiana, USA