The Arnold and Moberly Family Genealogy


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Individuals with surname Arnold, R…

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Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Rachael Arnold
Rachael Bates
about 1827194Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky, USA0
Rachel Arnold
Rachel Coe
about 1805216Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky, USA7before 188014175
Rachel Arnold
Rachel Keith
about 1786235Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky, USA8
Rachel Arnold
Rachel Stratton
about 1854167Iowa, USA0
Rachel Arnold
Rachel Farrar
about 1802219Jefferson Co, New York, USA1about 186415762Miami Co, Indiana, USA
Rachel A Arnold
Rachel A Fettinger
1852169Warrick Co, Indiana, USA0
Rachel E Arnold
Rachel E Sullivan
May 1877144Pike Co, Indiana, USA4before 192010142Pike Co, Indiana, USA
Rachel Elizabeth Arnold
Rachel Elizabeth Helsley
Rachel Elizabeth Treat
October 29, 1868153Pike Co, Indiana, USA4before 190911240Stoddard Co, Missouri, USA
Rachel G Arnold
Rachel G Whaley
Rachel G Ficklin
October 1833188Indiana, USA3January 15, 190211968Pike Co, Indiana, USA
Rachel Virginia Arnold
Rachel Virginia Mitchell
September 21, 1914107Bowie Co, Texas, USA2October 17, 19883374Bowie Co, Texas, USA
Alvin Rado Arnold
Rado Alvis Arnold
about June 1879142Butler Co, Kentucky, USA8
Ralph Arnold
about 18981230
Ralph Arnold
about 1848173Johnson Co, Arkansas, USA0
Ralph Wayne Arnold
December 12, 194080Hopkins Co, Texas, USA0November 2, 20101169Orange Co, California, USA
Ralph Weldon Arnold
August 10, 1908113Hill Co, Texas, USA1
Ralphford Turner “Little Boy” Arnold
August 16, 1913108Brown Co, Texas, USA4December 13, 19952582
Randall Rexter “Red” Arnold
January 23, 192497Pike Co, Indiana, USA4December 8, 20071383Daviess Co, Indiana, USA
Randolph Lieb Arnold
Randolph Lyle Arnold
December 11, 1903117Grayson Co, Texas, USA0November 15, 19625958
Randolph Lieb Arnold
Randolph Lyle Arnold
December 11, 1903Grayson Co, Texas, USA0November 15, 196258
Ransom B Arnold
about 1870151Shelby Co, Indiana, USA0
Raphael “Ralph” Arnold
about 1844177Alabama, USA5before June 190012156Arkansas, USA
Ray Arnold
March 3, 1901120Stoddard Co, Missouri, USA0September 27, 19675466Saint Louis Co, Missouri, USA
Ray Edmond Arnold
about March 1879142Macoupin Co, Illinois, USA0July 8, 19289349Macoupin Co, Illinois, USA
Raymond Arnold
May 5, 1903118Indiana, USA0November 8, 19071144Pike Co, Indiana, USA
Raymond Arnold
October 4, 192794Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky, USA0before 1930912Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky, USA
Raymond E Arnold
November 8, 19061150
Raymond E Arnold
February 7, 1913108Butler Co, Kentucky, USA1August 18, 20051692
Raymond Earl Arnold
September 21, 1904117McLean Co, Kentucky, USA2October 4, 19774473Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky, USA
Raymond Risk Arnold
February 13, 1885136Pendleton Co, Kentucky, USA0
Raymond William “Ray” Arnold
December 15, 1909111Warrick Co, Indiana, USA2October 21, 19843774Vanderburgh Co, Indiana, USA
Raymond Willis Arnold
June 26, 1902119Pike Co, Indiana, USA3October 19853683Edgar Co, Illinois, USA
Reathie R Arnold
Reathie R Smith
March 27, 192695Warren Co, Kentucky, USA0before 20071480
Rebecca Arnold
Rebecca Arnold
Rebecca Burrough
about 1839182Indiana, USA0
Rebecca Arnold
about 18182030188613568Pendleton Co, Kentucky, USA
Rebecca Arnold
Rebecca Egelston
August 7, 1829192Hampshire Co, Virginia (1863 West Virginia), USA0
Rebecca Arnold
Rebecca D Arnold
Rebecca D Fettinger
October 3, 1846175Warrick Co, Indiana, USA1July 30, 190711460Pike Co, Indiana, USA
Rena Arnold
about 1879142Shelby Co, Indiana, USA0
Reuben Arnold
about 1807214South Carolina, USA1
Reuben Arnold
about 1844177Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky, USA0
Reuben N. Arnold
about 1849172Kentucky, USA0
James Washington Arnold
Rev James Washington Arnold
July 4, 1817204Warrick Co, Indiana, USA10December 7, 188913172Pike Co, Indiana, USA
Rhoda Arnold
Rhoda Smith
Rhoda Arnold
1804217Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky, USA0
Rhoda E Arnold
Roda E Scales
Rhoda E Scales
August 15, 1868153Indiana, USA2October 8, 19437875Pike Co, Indiana, USA
Richard Arnold Sr
about 1656365England10December 20, 172030064Chester Co, Pennsylvania, USA
Richard Arnold Jr
about 1694327Chester Co, Pennsylvania, USA6September 24, 175826364Hampshire Co, Virginia (1863 West Virginia), USA
Richard Arnold
Richard Arnold
before 17742470after 181320839
Richard Arnold
about 1818203Pike Co, Indiana, USA0
Richard Arnold
May 16, 1844177Pike Co, Indiana, USA10January 9, 19259680Pike Co, Indiana, USA
Richard Arnold
about 1843178Kentucky, USA0
Richard Arnold
about 1845176Germany0
Richard Arnold
about 1841180Indiana, USA0
Richard E Arnold
about February 1909112Greene Co, Missouri, USA0
Richard Lewis Arnold
Richard Arendell
about 1841180Kentucky, USA5about 189013149Butler Co, Kentucky, USA
Richard Lewis Arnold
about 1842179Butler Co, Kentucky, USA0
Richard M Arnold
about October 1876145Indiana, USA0
Richard T M Arnold
November 2, 1833188Indiana, USA0
Richard Thomas Arnold
March 15, 1765256Nelson Co, Kentucky, USA5August 23, 182120056Harrison Co, Indiana, USA
Richard Thomas Arnold Jr
about 1805216Knox Co, Kentucky, USA10185916254prob., Indiana, USA
Richard Thomas Arnold
about 18451760
Risebla Keziah “Kizzie” Arnold
Risebla Keziah Wright
February 4, 1865156Crawford Co, Illinois, USA0December 31, 19398174Crawford Co, Illinois, USA
Robert Arnold
Robert Arnold
March 17, 192794Pike Co, Indiana, USA0March 19744746Pike Co, Indiana, USA
Robert Arnold
about 18052161December 6, 188014175Boyle Co, Kentucky, USA
Robert Arnold
about February 1873148Arkansas, USA6
Robert Arnold
Robert Allison Arnold
January 9, 1890131Hopkins Co, Texas, USA0
Robert Allison Arnold
January 10, 1890131Texas, USA0
Robert B Arnold
February 26, 1853168Boyle Co, Kentucky, USA0July 26, 188313830Boyle Co, Kentucky, USA
Robert C Arnold
March 17, 192794Pike Co, Indiana, USA0March 19744746Pike Co, Indiana, USA
Robert Eugene Arnold
193487Hendricks Co, Indiana, USA019526918Hendricks Co, Indiana, USA
Robert Gene Arnold
November 27, 193091Marion Co, Indiana, USA3May 23, 20101179Marion Co, Indiana, USA
Robert Jackson Arnold
September 30, 1815206South Carolina, USA1November 2, 190511690Hill Co, Texas, USA
Robert Lawrence “Robby, Robbie and later Lawrence” Arnold
December 18, 1887133Pike Co, Indiana, USA6March 5, 191910231Pike Co, Indiana, USA
Robert LeRoy “Roy” Arnold
February 14, 1885136Hopkins Co, Texas, USA2September 9, 19774492Bowie Co, Texas, USA
Robert Leroy Arnold Jr
about 1917104Bowie Co, Texas, USA1
Robert N Arnold
about 1901120Arkansas, USA0
Robert P Arnold
February 24, 1879142Darke Co, Ohio, USA0
Robert Perry Arnold
1844177Indiana, USA0
Robert R Arnold
1917104Montana, USA019645747Spokane Co, Washington, USA
Robert Walter Arnold
November 28, 1882139Texas, USA2
Robertson “Robert” Arnold
November 22, 1912109McLean Co, Kentucky, USA0January 19833870Wayne Co, Michigan, USA
Rosa Arnold
about 1871150Indiana, USA0
Rosa Arnold
Rosanna Viola Arnold
about August 1878143Indiana, USA0
Roscoe J Arnold
January 19, 192893Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky, USA2November 24, 19982370Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky, USA
Rosetta “Rosa” Arnold
Rosetta Carpenter
about February 1874147Pike Co, Indiana, USA219239848Pike Co, Indiana, USA
Ross M Arnold
about August 1881140Kentucky, USA0August 25, 190511624Vanderburgh Co, Indiana, USA
Rox Anne “Roxie” Arnold
Rox Anne Buchanan
about 1867154Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky, USA0
Roxey Ellen “Roxie” Arnold
Roxey Ellen Coleman
October 27, 1917104Pike Co, Indiana, USA3April 25, 20012083Richland Co, South Carolina, USA
Roy “Little Roy” Arnold
January 25, 1901120McLean Co, Kentucky, USA0September 26, 19011200McLean Co, Kentucky, USA
Roy Arnold
about 1906115Oklahoma, USA0
Roy Arnold
about 18951260
Roy Addison Arnold
March 14, 1915106McLean Co, Kentucky, USA4June 17, 19922977Brevard Co, Florida, USA
Roy B Arnold
about 1907114New Mexico, USA0
Roy Buddy Lee Arnold
March 13, 195467San Bernardino Co, California, USA0February 25, 19893234San Bernardino Co, California, USA
Roy C Arnold
about February 1898123Christian Co, Missouri, USA0
Roy Festus Arnold
December 23, 1909111Edgar Co, Illinois, USA0April 12, 19101110Edgar Co, Illinois, USA
Roy Jefferson Arnold
March 27, 1895126Pike Co, Indiana, USA219427946Pike Co, Indiana, USA
Roy Lee Arnold
March 10, 193190San Bernardino Co, California, USA2December 25, 19972366Vernon Parish, Louisiana, USA
Roy Louis Arnold
January 1, 1881140Greene Co, Missouri, USA3June 19, 19616080Greene Co, Missouri, USA
Roy Louis Arnold Jr
March 4, 1916105Greene Co, Missouri, USA0
Roy T “Tee” Arnold
December 23, 192199Hopkins Co, Texas, USA3March 12, 19942772Hopkins Co, Texas, USA
Roy Tildon Arnold
Roy Tilden Arnold
July 20, 1906115Oklahoma, USA5October 19, 19606154Tarrant Co, Texas, USA
Roy Tildon “Junior” Arnold Jr
Roy Tilden Arnold Jr
June 6, 193586Hopkins Co, Texas, USA2February 16, 19972461Johnson Co, Texas, USA
Roy Tildon Arnold
Roy Tilden Arnold
July 20, 1906Oklahoma, USA5October 19, 196054Tarrant Co, Texas, USA
Roy Tildon “Junior” Arnold Jr
Roy Tilden Arnold Jr
June 6, 1935Hopkins Co, Texas, USA2February 16, 199761Johnson Co, Texas, USA
Roy V Arnold
about July 1896125Pike Co, Indiana, USA0February 22, 191210915Pike Co, Indiana, USA
Rozella Arnold
1875146Pike Co, Indiana, USA019517076
Ruby A Arnold
Ruby A Albin
1908113McLean Co, Kentucky, USA019922984McLean Co, Kentucky, USA
Ruby E Arnold
Ruby A Logsdon
September 29, 1915106McLean Co, Kentucky, USA3December 12, 19992184Daviess Co, Kentucky, USA
Ruby Ellen Arnold
Ruby Ellen Oliver
August 4, 1921100Indiana, USA2January 20, 20101188Gibson Co, Indiana, USA
Ruby Irene Arnold
Ruby Irene Gray
March 3, 1913108Hopkins Co, Texas, USA3August 30, 19823969Clatsop Co, Oregon, USA
Ruby Jewel Arnold
Ruby Jewel Thebeau
April 5, 192695Missouri, USA6May 1, 20031877Saint Charles Co, Missouri, USA
Ruby Jewel Arnold
Ruby A Downs
August 22, 193586Hopkins Co, Texas, USA3March 28, 19952659Tarrant Co, Texas, USA
Ruby L Arnold
December 12, 1908112Pike Co, Indiana, USA0
Ruby L Arnold
about 1910111Oklahoma, USA0
Rudisill Arnold
October 8, 1817204Roane Co, Tennessee, USA1September 23, 187214954Grayson Co, Texas, USA
Rufus J Arnold
September 4, 1921100Daviess Co, Indiana, USA9October 30, 19992278Vanderburgh Co, Indiana, USA
Rufus Paul Arnold
about 18871341
Rufus Virgil “Gabe” Arnold
March 8, 18841373November 13, 19655681Vanderburgh Co, Indiana, USA
Rupert Albert Arnold
May 16, 1910111Bowie Co, Texas, USA0January 31, 20041793Bowie Co, Texas, USA
Rusaw Arnold
February 24, 1896125Butler Co, Kentucky, USA0August 16, 192010124Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky, USA
Ruth Arnold
Ruth Crow
September 4, 1898123Gibson Co, Indiana, USA0January 24, 19665567Harris Co, Texas, USA
Ruth Arnold
Ruth Arnold
Ruth Arnold
Ruth Aleen Arnold
February 2, 1916105Pike Co, Indiana, USA0September 26, 19181032Pike Co, Indiana, USA
Ruth Ann Arnold
about 18481730191210964
Ruth E Arnold
Ruth E Jarrell
February 10, 1914107Stoddard Co, Missouri, USA0February 5, 19972482Cowlitz Co, Washington, USA
Ruth Elizabeth Arnold
July 16, 1904117Warrick Co, Indiana, USA0June 20, 19121097Warrick Co, Indiana, USA
Ruth L Arnold
Ruth L Ball
about May 1897124McLean Co, Kentucky, USA3
Ruth Lula Arnold
February 28, 1912109Edgar Co, Illinois, USA0March 19863574Coles Co, Illinois, USA