The Arnold and Moberly Family Genealogy


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Individuals with surname Arnold, J…

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Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
J Ernest Arnold
about 1873148Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky, USA0
J Merle Arnold
about 1911110Indiana, USA1September 5, 19843773Vanderburgh Co, Indiana, USA
Jack Dewayne Arnold
December 16, 1945750August 18, 1949723Pike Co, Indiana, USA
Jack Eugene Arnold
February 4, 193685Vanderburgh Co, Indiana, USA2March 31, 19992263Vanderburgh Co, Indiana, USA
Jack L Arnold
January 20, 1917104Delta Co, Texas, USA1March 27, 19992282Fannin Co, Texas, USA
Jackie Lee Arnold
June 7, 193784Genesee Co, Michigan, USA0April 30, 1938830Genesee Co, Michigan, USA
Jackson Arnold
about 1818203Kentucky, USA0
Jackson Arnold
about 1851170Indiana, USA0
Jacob Arnold
June 13, 1817204Randolph Co, North Carolina, USA3September 2, 186915252Shelby Co, Indiana, USA
Jacob Romil “Romie” Arnold
December 5, 1864157McLean Co, Kentucky, USA6October 12, 19358670McLean Co, Kentucky, USA
James Arnold
James Arnold
between 1775 and 1785246Kentucky, USA6
James Arnold
March 2, 1841180Warrick Co, Indiana, USA0April 14, 186315822Pike Co, Indiana, USA
James Arnold
February 27, 1843178Indiana, USA6June 19229979Pike Co, Indiana, USA
James Arnold
about 1810211Kentucky, USA9after October 28, 187015160Pike Co, Indiana, USA
James Arnold
August 9, 1844177Kentucky, USA0February 16, 191610571Boyle Co, Kentucky, USA
James Arnold
January 1, 1846175Arkansas, USA10April 5, 19249778Stone Co, Missouri, USA
James Alfred Arnold
January 19, 1891130Pike Co, Indiana, USA1Tulsa Co, Oklahoma, USA
James Aloysius Arnold
May 1, 1878143Scott Co, Missouri, USA2February 19695290Greene Co, Missouri, USA
James Arthur Arnold
June 11, 1887134Hopkins Co, Texas, USA0March 29, 19645776
James Cader Arnold
about 1833188Hardin Co, Kentucky, USA13
James Creed Arnold
August 24, 1866155Indiana, USA0August 14, 19269559Boyle Co, Kentucky, USA
James Dail Arnold
James Dale Arnold
December 29, 1884136Pike Co, Indiana, USA4March 6, 19715086Ohio Co, Kentucky, USA
James Dail Arnold
James Dale Arnold
December 29, 1884Pike Co, Indiana, USA4March 6, 197186Ohio Co, Kentucky, USA
James David Arnold
November 17, 1882139Shelby Co, Indiana, USA0
James E Arnold
about August 1859162Shelby Co, Indiana, USA0
James Edgar “James, Jim and Edd” Arnold
September 16, 1898123Oklahoma Territory, USA1June 8, 19616062Carter Co, Oklahoma, USA
James Edward “Ed” Arnold
November 15, 1870151Kentucky, USA2August 27, 19457674Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky, USA
James Elmore Arnold
August 30, 18831380
James H Arnold
about 1810211Maryland, USA7MacOupin Co, Illinois, USA
James H Arnold
about 1852169Kentucky, USA0about 186215910Kentucky, USA
James Hallard “Hallie” Arnold
November 22, 1881140Hopkins Co, Texas, USA0June 15, 19536871Hopkins Co, Texas, USA
James Harrison Arnold
December 11, 1852168Randolph Co, North Carolina, USA019309177Rush Co, Indiana, USA
James Harvey Arnold
December 11, 18741460
James Herschell Arnold
January 22, 1915106Pike Co, Indiana, USA0February 17, 19457630Pike Co, Indiana, USA
James J Arnold
about 1827194Alabama, USA5
James Jackson Arnold
October 8, 18721490September 5, 19447771Dearborn Co, Indiana, USA
James L Arnold
about 1825196Clark Co, Kentucky, USA0
James Lee Arnold
January 29, 1880141Arkansas, USA0
James M Arnold
about 1887134Missouri, USA0
James Monroe Arnold
about 1878143Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky, USA0
James Monroe Arnold
November 23, 1819202Hampshire Co, Virginia (1863 West Virginia), USA1April 9, 189013170Grant Co, Kentucky, USA
James N Arnold
about 1875146Pike Co, Indiana, USA0
James R Arnold
about 1852169Indiana, USA0
James R Arnold
about 1846175Kentucky, USA4between 1873 and June 188014827
James R Arnold
about 1895126Oklahoma, USA0
James Raleigh “J R” Arnold
May 17, 1917104McLean Co, Kentucky, USA0April 27, 19992281Vanderburgh Co, Indiana, USA
James Raymond Arnold
about 1905116Butler Co, Kentucky, USA0
James Riley Arnold
about January 1864157Pike Co, Indiana, USA219388374
James Romie Arnold
May 12, 193091McLean Co, Kentucky, USA0June 10, 19744744McLean Co, Kentucky, USA
James Rufus Arnold
January 3, 1854167McLean Co, Kentucky, USA0February 29, 18611607McLean Co, Kentucky, USA
James S Arnold
November 1879142Pike Co, Indiana, USA018801410Pike Co, Indiana, USA
James Thomas Arnold
about 1859162Caroline Co, Virginia, USA0
James Travis Arnold
James W Arnold
about May 1874147Pike Co, Indiana, USA1
James W Arnold
about 1869152Illinois, USA1January 21, 19437874Union Co, Illinois, USA
James W Arnold
December 1, 192299Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky, USA0August 6, 19883365
James W Arnold
December 21, 1901119Greene Co, Missouri, USA0November 19675465Greene Co, Missouri, USA
James Washington Arnold
Rev James Washington Arnold
July 4, 1817204Warrick Co, Indiana, USA10December 7, 188913172Pike Co, Indiana, USA
James Wendell Arnold
June 6, 1921100Pike Co, Indiana, USA0October 15, 19211000Pike Co, Indiana, USA
James Willie Arnold
Jamie Danelle Arnold
April 14, 197744prob., Missouri, USA0November 24, 19922915Missouri, USA
Jane Arnold
Jane Arnold
about 1838183Pike Co, Indiana, USA0
Jane Arnold
about 1871150Arkansas, USA0
Jean Ellen Arnold
Jean Ellen Fanning
October 6, 192695Missouri, USA2March 12, 19992272Tulsa Co, Oklahoma, USA
Jefferson Davis “Jeffie” Arnold
about 1862159Kentucky, USA0about 188413722Indiana, USA
Jennie Arnold
about 1868153Warrick Co, Indiana, USA0
Jennie D Arnold
Jennie D Chamness
September 2, 19051162January 2, 19922986Pike Co, Indiana, USA
Jeremiah Arnold
September 21, 17522691178723434Jefferson Co, Kentucky, USA
Jeremiah Arnold
about 178723414183918252Pike Co, Indiana, USA
Jeremiah Arnold
about 17862351after October 186016174McLean Co, Kentucky, USA
Jeremiah Arnold
about 1820201Kentucky, USA0
Jeremiah C Arnold
about 1843178Kentucky, USA0
Jurusha Arnold
Jurasha Arnold
Jerusha Arnold
Jurusha Beadles
Jeretia Arnold
October 12, 1812209Kentucky, USA7October 12, 187614564Pike Co, Indiana, USA
Jurusha Arnold
Jurasha Arnold
Jerusha Arnold
Jurusha Beadles
Jeretia Arnold
October 12, 1812Kentucky, USA7October 12, 187664Pike Co, Indiana, USA
Jesse Arnold
about 17672546184617579
Jesse Arnold Jr
Jesse Arnold
October 24, 1831190Darke Co, Ohio, USA0
Jesse Lee Arnold
December 1, 1884137Texas, USA2
Jessie Arnold
March 5, 1901120Pike Co, Indiana, USA6June 21, 19467545Daviess Co, Indiana, USA
Jessie Bennett “Ben” Arnold
February 17, 1881140Butler Co, Kentucky, USA0November 13, 19715090Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky, USA
Jessie Jane Arnold
February 16, 1898123Pike Co, Indiana, USA0February 18, 18981230Pike Co, Indiana, USA
Jessie L Arnold
Jessie L Young
July 5, 1907114Stoddard Co, Missouri, USA6February 26, 19843776Stoddard Co, Missouri, USA
Jessie Pearl Arnold
April 11, 1886135McLean Co, Kentucky, USA2November 23, 19625976McLean Co, Kentucky, USA
Joab Arnold
about 1844177Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky, USA0
Joe Ben Arnold
Joseph Benjamin Arnold
March 10, 1897124Pike Co, Indiana, USA0January 19804182Drew Co, Arkansas, USA
Joel Perry Arnold
about 1860161Pike Co, Indiana, USA3
John Arnold
about 16823390January 17, 171730435Chester Co, Pennsylvania, USA
John Arnold
September 6, 17352868June 14, 181920283Hampshire Co, Virginia (1863 West Virginia), USA
John Arnold
about 17642570after 181320849
John Arnold
John Arnold
about 1809212Kentucky, USA8before 186016151Pike Co, Indiana, USA
John Arnold
John Arnold
John Arnold
about 1828193Kentucky, USA4
John Arnold
July 30, 1829192Mercer Co, Kentucky, USA0December 3, 188014151Boyle Co, Kentucky, USA
John Arnold
Delaware Co, Indiana, USA0Delaware Co, Indiana, USA
John Arnold
March 11, 1822199South Carolina, USA1November 15, 190911287Marion Co, Alabama, USA
John Arnold
John Arendell
John Arnold
John Arnold
about 1739282Morgan Co, Virginia Colony, USA1177324834Morgan Co, Virginia Colony, USA
John Arnold
about 1765256Greenville Co, South Carolina Colony, USA0180621541Tennessee, USA
John Arnold
about 1715306Halifax Co, North Carolina Colony, USA1179922284Randolph Co, North Carolina, USA
John Arnold
about 18112100
John Arnold
February 22, 1846175Pendleton Co, Kentucky, USA0December 4, 19259679Pendleton Co, Kentucky, USA
John Arnold
about 1832189Illinois, USA2
John Arnold
about 1817204Virginia, USA1prob., Indiana, USA
John Arnold
Tolland Co, Connecticut Colony, USA0
John Arnold
November 12, 1830191Darke Co, Ohio, USA0
John A Arnold
June 3, 1819202Hampshire Co, Virginia (1863 West Virginia), USA6Dallas Co, Texas, USA
John Alonzo Tobias “Toby” Arnold
August 14, 1907114Hopkins Co, Texas, USA1December 21, 19516944Hunt Co, Texas, USA
John Andrew Jackson Arnold
about 1845176Hendricks Co, Indiana, USA0July 189212947Putnam Co, Indiana, USA
John Bailey Arnold
January 15, 1891130Dunklin Co, Missouri, USA0August 19685377Wyandotte Co, Kansas, USA
John C Arnold
about 1855166Indiana, USA0
John Chappell “Jack” Arnold
December 1, 1892129Gibson Co, Indiana, USA3April 1, 19794286Dallas Co, Texas, USA
John D Arnold
December 25, 1845175Kentucky, USA1May 29, 19319085Butler Co, Kentucky, USA
John E Arnold
December 1880141Indiana, USA419695288Daviess Co, Indiana, USA
John E Arnold
about April 1845176Indiana, USA10
John E Arnold
about 1871150Texas, USA11
John E Arnold
February 28, 1870151Kalamazoo Co, Michigan, USA3January 19, 19427971Kalamazoo Co, Michigan, USA
John Edward Arnold
November 21, 1873148Pike Co, Indiana, USA419497275
John Edward Arnold
November 21, 1873148Pike Co, Indiana, USA019497275Pike Co, Indiana, USA
John Elwyn Arnold
February 28, 1830191Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky, USA8September 20, 190211972McLean Co, Kentucky, USA
John Elwyn “Jack” Arnold
February 21, 192893Maricopa Co, Arizona, USA4December 18, 19655537Maricopa Co, Arizona, USA
John Esker Arnold
March 18, 1888133Hopkins Co, Texas, USA4
John Esker Arnold Jr
June 13, 1913108Hopkins Co, Texas, USA0January 18, 19823968Los Angeles Co, California, USA
John F Arnold
about October 1879142Indiana, USA0October 4, 19437864Vanderburgh Co, Indiana, USA
John F Arnold
about 1891130Indiana, USA0
John Frances Arnold
August 14, 18811400
John Francis “Jack” Arnold
October 17, 1892129McLean Co, Kentucky, USA2September 4, 19576464Yavapai Co, Arizona, USA
John Francis Arnold
February 21, 1852169Lafayette Co, Mississippi, USA1May 1, 19358683Hill Co, Texas, USA
John G Arnold
about 1834187Indiana, USA6
John G Arnold
August 29, 1906115Warrick Co, Indiana, USA0June 27, 19081131Warrick Co, Indiana, USA
John H Arnold
about 1879142Arkansas, USA2
John Hampton Arnold
July 13, 18791420
John Hargis Arnold
March 20, 18781430
John Henry Arnold
March 10, 1897124Pike Co, Indiana, USA0February 19863588Drew Co, Arkansas, USA
John Hunter Arnold
January 14, 1881140Texas, USA0
John Jackson Arnold
October 19, 1838183Pike Co, Indiana, USA11April 9, 19279488Bowie Co, Texas, USA
John Joseph “Joe” Arnold
May 17, 18991220August 19695270Elmore Co, Idaho, USA
John Joseph “Joe” Arnold
September 6, 1919102Greene Co, Missouri, USA5August 13, 20061586Greene Co, Missouri, USA
John L Arnold
December 1797224Kentucky, USA9July 186515667McLean Co, Kentucky, USA
John L Arnold
about 1840181Kentucky, USA0
John Lee Arnold
January 6, 1885136Virginia, USA1September 19, 19645779
John Milton Arnold
John Monroe Arnold
about 17592621about 180521646Hampshire Co, Virginia (1863 West Virginia), USA
John Nelson Arnold
John Perry Arnold
about February 1842179Pike Co, Indiana, USA1
John Quincy Arnold
about 1849172Pike Co, Indiana, USA0
John R Arnold
about 1847174Indiana, USA0
John R Arnold
May 30, 1911110Pike Co, Indiana, USA0February 28, 19873475Pike Co, Indiana, USA
John R Arnold
about 1855166McLean Co, Kentucky, USA0
John R Arnold Jr
October 21, 1817204prob., Pennsylvania, USA8November 11, 185916242
John R Arnold
about 1852169Kenton Co, Kentucky, USA0
John R Arnold
John Ralph Arnold
February 28, 18761450May 8, 19606184
John Roland Arnold
June 20, 192299Davison Co, South Dakota, USA3February 5, 20031880Mecklenburg Co, North Carolina, USA
John T Arnold
May 11, 1916105Daviess Co, Indiana, USA0
John T Arnold
December 28, 1885135Kenton Co, Kentucky, USA0November 29, 191011124Delaware Co, Indiana, USA
John Thomas Arnold
December 25, 1886134Pike Co, Indiana, USA019427955Pike Co, Indiana, USA
John Thomas Arnold
March 3, 192299Delaware Co, Indiana, USA8November 22, 19913069Massac Co, Illinois, USA
John W Arnold
January 1880141Pike Co, Indiana, USA0
John W Arnold
John Walter Arnold
January 5, 1883138Texas, USA0
John Ward Arnold
May 6, 1873148Alabama, USA3December 23, 19576384Hopkins Co, Texas, USA
John William Arnold
August 24, 1860161Caroline Co, Virginia, USA7August 6, 190211941prob., West Virginia, USA
John Willis Arnold
0before 1880141
Johnie D Arnold
October 13, 192992Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky, USA1June 11, 19932863Franklin Co, Missouri, USA
Johnny Escar Arnold
October 13, 1912109Bowie Co, Texas, USA2January 24, 19635850Bowie Co, Texas, USA
Joseph Arnold
calculated March 9, 1808213Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky, USA8January 30, 186915260Pike Co, Indiana, USA
Joseph Arnold
December 2, 1748273?-Hampshire Co, Virginia, USA2about 181420765Warrick Co, Indiana, USA
Joseph Arnold Jr
1783238Pennsylvania, USA5November 23, 185017167Spencer Co, Indiana, USA
Joseph Arnold
November 21, 179123011February 9, 185416762Pike Co, Indiana, USA
Joseph Arnold
about 1877144Pike Co, Indiana, USA0
Joseph Arnold
about 1839182Kentucky, USA0
Joseph Arnold
about 1804217Pennsylvania, USA2between August 1860 and May 187016156
Joe Ben Arnold
Joseph Benjamin Arnold
March 10, 1897Pike Co, Indiana, USA0January 198082Drew Co, Arkansas, USA
Joseph E Arnold
about 1863158Virginia, USA0
Joseph F Arnold
November 22, 1853168Warrick Co, Indiana, USA5January 24, 19249770Pike Co, Indiana, USA
Joseph Franklin “Frank” Arnold
about 1836185Indiana, USA2189712461Pike Co, Indiana, USA
Joseph J “Joe” Arnold
November 26, 1907114Pike Co, Indiana, USA0
Joseph Jackson Arnold
about 1820201Warrick Co, Indiana, USA0184018120St. Louis Co, Missouri, USA
Joseph M Arnold
about 1834187Kentucky, USA0
Joseph McCrellius “Mac” Arnold
September 29, 1862159Pike Co, Indiana, USA6July 31, 191510652Pike Co, Indiana, USA
Joseph Minton Arnold
about 18221990
Joseph N “Jasper” Arnold
about 1847174Indiana, USA1before May 188014133Pike Co, Indiana, USA
Joseph Perry Arnold
March 1845176Pike Co, Indiana, USA5
Josephine K Arnold
Josephine K Nadeau
January 10, 1896125Le Sueur Co, Minnesota, USA0November 17, 19942798Ramsey Co, Minnesota, USA
Josiah Arnold
about 16883330
Josiah Arnold
Josiah Arnold Sr
before 1730291Virginia, USA4October 20, 175426724Hampshire Co, Virginia, USA
Josiah Arnold
Josiah Arnold
about 1822199Indiana, USA3
Josiah Arnold Jr
June 18, 1754267Bath Co, Virginia, USA6July 10, 183718483Pike Co, Indiana, USA
Josiah Arnold
about 1840181Kentucky, USA0
Josiah Jackson Arnold
about 1818203Indiana, USA1
Josiah K Arnold
about November 1836185Kentucky, USA5March 9, 188813351McLean Co, Kentucky, USA
Josiah Arnold
Josiah Arnold Sr
before 1730Virginia, USA4October 20, 175424Hampshire Co, Virginia, USA
Josie Irene Arnold
Josie Irene Ault
September 19, 1907114Pike Co, Indiana, USA2December 9, 19873380Pike Co, Indiana, USA
Juanita B Arnold
Juanita B Finlinson
May 1, 192596Kentucky, USA3May 4, 20051680Jefferson Co, Kentucky, USA
Judith “Julie” Arnold
Judith “Julie” Williams
about 1827194Muhlenberg Co, Kentucky, USA2
Julian D Arnold
about February 1910111McLean Co, Kentucky, USA0
Jurusha Arnold
Jurasha Arnold
Jerusha Arnold
Jurusha Beadles
Jeretia Arnold
October 12, 1812Kentucky, USA7October 12, 187664Pike Co, Indiana, USA
Jurusha Arnold
Jurasha Arnold
Jerusha Arnold
Jurusha Beadles
Jeretia Arnold
October 12, 1812Kentucky, USA7October 12, 187664Pike Co, Indiana, USA