The Thomas Gailey Family Tree

Passing of Robert "LEROY" Gailey
May 24, 2013 - 4:36:35 p.m.

It is with great sadness and with personal loss that I announce that Robert "Leroy" Gailey, the father of this family tree data, and joined family and friends, with the heavenly host on 12 OCT 2012.  His delightful exchanges will be sorely missed, but I know his spirit lives on in the family tree data he painstakingly collected for 40 years and was kind enough to share with me.

Welcome to the Family of Thomas Gailey
June 15, 2011 - 2:03:06 p.m.

This site is the result of a lifetime of effort by Robert "LEROY" Gailey, a Gailey and Kinman descendant. He has been kind enough to allow us to host this information at Data on living individuals should be protected by carefully-crafted privacy rules within the software, but let us know if there are errors in the data, visible living souls or if you wish to make comments. We know the data is not complete and our site may contain additional information or links to other families. Please check that site, or the Thomas Kinman site as well. The genealogy information on this website is powered by webtrees v.1.2-svn. This page provides an introduction and overview to this genealogy. To begin working with the data, choose one of the charts from the Charts menu, go to the Individual list, or search for a name or place. If you have trouble using the site, you can click on the Help icon to give you information on how to use the page that you are currently viewing. Thanks for visiting, Leroy and Stephen

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This family tree was last updated on October 31, 2020.

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Thomas Gailey is the progenitor extraordinaire of the majority of the individuals presented in this family tree history.
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