The Arnold and Moberly Family Genealogy

John Jackson Arnold + Mary J Matteson

9 children

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Family group information
Marriage September 9, 1875
Census June 11, 1880
Shared note: 1880 USA Federal Census Transcription - John ARNOLD - household

Reference: HF: 143/143, LN: 41/45, SD 2, ED 56, Page 15, enumerated by W J Blythe Location: Precinct 1, Hopkins Co, Texas, USA Note: Thomas Veal, Elizabeth Arnold's husband is at HF: 141/141 and a brother, Christopher, with his family, is just above at HF: 142/142

John ARNOLDWM34(head)MFarmerKYKYKY
Mary ARNOLDWF28WifeMKeeping HouseKYKYKY
Henry Goldsmith ARNOLDWM12SonSAt HomeAttg SchoolKYKYKY

Census June 11, 1900
HF: 103/107, LN: 23/27, SD 1, ED 59, Sheet 6A, Justice Precinct 8, Hopkins Co, Texas, USA by W E McLaughlin John J Arnold, Head, W-M-OCT 1838-61-M-32, IN-KY-VA*, Farmer, YYY Mary J Arnold, Wife, W-F-OCT 1851-48-M-32, 9/5, IN-OH-KY, none, YYY Roy Arnold, Son, W-M-FEB 1885-15-S, TX-IN-IN, Farm Laborer, 8-YYY Pearl Arnold, Dau, W-F-MAR 1888-12-S, TX-IN-IN, none, 8-YYY Harlow Arnold, Son, W-M-MAR 1891-9-S, TX-IN-IN, none, 8-YYY John's brothers, Perry and Columbus are all nearby, in the same JP-8
Census April 28, 1910
HF: 119/119, LN: 7/11, SD 1, ED 19, Sheet 7A, Justice Precinct 4, Bowie Co, Texas, USA by M I Cabaniss John J Arnold, Head, M_W-71-M2-34x, IN-KY-PA, English, Farmer - General Farm/OA, YY-, O-F-F-15 Mary J Arnold, Wife, F-W-59-M2-34, 6/5, IN-OH-IN, English, none, YY- Harley Arnold, Son, M-W-18-S, TX-IN-IN, English, Laborer - Home Farm/W, N/-, YYY Lucy Cromwell or Crammell, Dau, F-W-28-D-1, 1/1, TX-IN-IN, English, Cook, Private Family/W, N/-, YY- Oma Cromwell, GrandDau, F-W-11-S, TX-Not Known-TX, English, none, YYY
Census January 14, 1920
HF: 64/67, LN: 52/55, SD 1, ED 17, SHeet 4B, Justice Precinct 4, Bowie Co, Texas, USA by Warren S McCright J J Arnold, Head, O/F, M-W-81-M, -YY, IN-Kansas?-PA, yes, farmer - general Farm/64 M J Arnold, Wife, F-W-69-M, -YY, IN-OH-KY, yes, none Harley Arnold, Son, M-W-20-M, -YY, TX-IN-IN, yes, famer Gladys Arnold, Dau-in-Law, F-W-19-M, NYY, TX-TN-AL, yes, none