The Arnold and Moberly Family Genealogy

John Powell + Mabel Clare Witty

No children
This family remained childless

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Family group information
Marriage March 9, 1922
Census April 7, 1930
Referenc: SD 8, ED 49-25, Sheet 10B, Ward 2, Block 66, enumerated by Marguerite L C LaBaugh Location: 2455 Broadway, Indianapolis, Center Twp, Marion Co, Indiana, USA John Powell, Head, 0/15000/R/N, M-W-54-M-23, N/Y, IN-KY-IN, Commission Merchant - Live Stock Mabel Powell, Wife-H, F-W-53-M-19, N/Y, KY-IN-England, None Ransdell Powell, Son, M-W-23-S, N/Y, IN-IN-OH, Bookeeper - Stockyards Virginia Powell, Dau, F-W-15-S, Y/Y, IN-IN-OH, none
Census April 16, 1940
Address: 2455 N Broadway St, Indianapolis, Marion Co, Indiana, USA
Shared note: 1940 USA Federal Census Transcription -

Reference: HF: 307, LN: 32/34, SD 12, ED 96-51, Sheet 17A, enumerated by Pearl Dorfman Location: 2455 N Broadway St, Blk 32,31, Ward 3, Indianapolis, Center Twp, Marion Co, Indiana, USA

HomeNameRelationSexRaceAgeMCEduBP1935 ResiNotesOccupationIncm
$7100/nJohn POWELLHeadMW64MN/H4IndianaSameY/-/-/-/-/1Powell CommissionCo-StkYrds/E$5k+/Y
-Mabel O POWELLWifeFW64MN/H3KentuckySameY/N/N/N/H/5none$0/N
-Dolly GARSHWILERMaidFW60SN/8IndianaSameY/-/-/-/-/1Maid/PW$336/Y

Residence from 1928 to 1950
Address: 2455 N Broadway St Indianapolis, IN 46205-4551
Number of children