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Frederick County, Virginia Some Frederick County Records (Contributed by Mr. or Mrs. MacDonald.) Richard Arnold Senior’s Deed for 400 acres of land in Frederick County. 10 Apr. 1752 Thomas Lord. Fairfax ... Proprietor of the Northern Neck of Virginia for good causes for and in consideration of the composition to me paid and for the annual rent hereafter reserved ,,. granted ... unto Richard Arnold the Elder a certain tract of waste and ungranted land in Frederick County on Great Cacapehon and. bounded as by a survey thereof made by Mr. George Washington ... Will of Richard Arnold — 1758 In the name of God, Amen, the 14th Day of September Anno: Domino: 1758. I Richard Arnold being sick and weak of body but of perfect & sound mind and memory and understanding, Blessed be God for the same and calling to mind, mortality of the body and knowing it is appointed for all men once to die do make and ordain this my last Will & Testament that is to say principally first of all • I give and recommend my soul into the hands of God that gave it and my body to the earth to be buried in a christian like and decent manner at the discretion of my executors hereinafter named, and as touching such worldly estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me with in this life I give demise & dispose of the same in the following manner and form. First I give and bequeath unto my son-in—law Geos Nixon and Elizabeth his wife the plantation whereon I live situate on the south side of Cacapon — and one half of the said tract of land. thereunto belonging to their heirs and assigns, and the other half of the said tract of land up the Crick I give unto my son Andrew Arnold to him his heirs and assigns. I give the remainder part of said tract of land unto my youngest son Nimrod Arnold that is to say that part on the north of Cacapon said Crick to be the division between him & his brothers land to his heirs & assigns. I give unto my son John Arnold the land and plantation formerly belonging to William Naylor lying and being on Capecapon at the Indian Gap to him his heirs & assigns, I also give my sister-in-law Sarah Davis my new frame house to her proper use during her life. I also order George Nixon my said son—in-law and my son Andrew Arnold to pay her yearly and every year the sum of two pound ten shilling each of them provided she shall see cause to come and make her abode at said house and also to provide for her such necessarys as she shall stand in need of from time to time • I give unto my grand son Joseph Arnold the sum of five shilling sterling, I also dispose of my personal estate in manner following Viz: The same shall be praized and equally divided among my chil- dren, I likewise constitute make and ordain my son—in—law George Nixon and Jesse Pugh my sole executors of this my last Will and Testament and I do hereby utterly disavow revoke and, disannul all and every other former testaments wills legacies & bequeaths and executors by me in any way before named willed & bequeathed rati- fying and confirming this and no other to be my last Will & Testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seal the day and year above written. Richard Arnold (SEAL) Signed sealed published. pronounced and recorded by the said Richard Arnold as his last Will & Testament in the presence of us the subscribers, Roger Parke — James Cody - John Ashbrook At a court held for Hampshire County, Va,, the 12th day of December 1758. This last Will & Testament of Richard Arnold dec’d was presented in court by George 79 Nixon & Jesse Pugh the Executors therein named who made oath thereby according to law and the same being proved by the oath of Roger Parke, James Cody and John Ashbrook witnesses thereunto is ordered to be recorded and. on the motion of said executors certificate Is granted herefore obtaining a probate thereof in due form giving security together with James Cody Roger Parke their securities entered into and acknowledged their bond In the penalty of five hundred pounds for their due administration of the said decedents estate and performance of his Will. John Arnold’s Deed for 306 acres of Land In Frederick County, 12 May 1763 Thomas Lord Fairfax for and In consideration of the composition to me paid. and for the annual rent ... granted ... unto John Arnold of Frederick County a tract of ... land on the Drains of Opechon ... and bounded ... Beginning in the line of Richard Fowlers corner to Thomas Golding thence with Golding’s line ... the line of the said Golding ... William Holdbrooks old survey, ... Patrick Quigly Richard Merchant and the said Quigley, then with Merchants line ... Arnold, In the line of the said Merchant thence with Arnolds line ... to Joseph Edwards and Richard Fowler then with Fowlers line ... Three Hundred and Six Acres Ex & Tho. Ray Martin Deed Bk. 8 pp 542, Hampshire County, Va, June 20, 1792 John Arnold and Hannah his wife sell to Andrew Arnold a tract of land which was granted by the late Lord Proprietor of the Northern Neck unto Roger Parke dec’ d by Deed bearing date the fifth Day of May 1760 and by him devised unto Hannah Parke the now wife of John Arnold. 231 Acres. John Arnold Hannah (x) Arnold Sealed & del in presence of Elijah Davis Hannah not being able to apper in ct. George Lafollet was examined, by Elias Posten & Geo, Beall Thomas McGraw 28 Aug. 1792. 2nd Nov. 1764 John Arnold of the County of Frederick sells to Nathaniel Morrison 250 acres being part of a larger tract granted to the said John Arnold by Deed under the hand and seal of the Right Honourable Thomas Lord Fairfax bearing date the 12th day of May 1763 containing 306 acres lying and being in the said. county and on the drains of Opechon Creek and on the west side the same bounded as follows ... John Arnold Sealed & delivered. in presence of Robt. Gregg Thos. Berry at a court held for Frederick Co. the 6th day of Nov. 1764, This ind. was ack, by John Arnold and ordered to be recorded, Deed. Bk. 10 pg. 67, Winchester, Frederick Co., Virginia John Arnold sold. John Greenfield 56 acres being part of a tract granted by Lord Fairfax and bearing date 12th day of May 1763 containing 306 acres. John Arnold Signed & sealed in presence of Jonathan Reed, Mercer Babb Recorded 4th day of Dec. 1764 80 Deed Book 8, pa e 554 Hampshire County, Virginia April 15, 1790. John Arnold and Hannah his wife of the County of Hampshire and state of Virginia sell to Elijah Davis of the same county a certain tract of land situate & being on the west side of Great Cacapon and being a part of a greater tract containing 269 acres patent bearing date the 14th Day of May 1760 in said county of Hampshire & state aforesaid and bounded as follows. Mentions Joseph Watson and Wm. Naylor's lines - containing 43 acres and seven poles, etc. John Arnold Hannah (x) Arnold Sealed & del, in presence of Jesse Pugh Hannah Interviewed at home by John High and John Arnold Elias Posten, Geo, Beal James Kelp Will of John Arnold - 1816 I John Arnold of the County of Hampshire and state of Virginia calling to mind my mortality and. being weak in body but possessing a sound mind and disposing memory do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament In manner and form as hereafter follow. Item - I leave and bequeath to my well beloved wife Hannah Arnold the use and benefit of all my estate real and personal for and during her natural life and at her decease to return to my executors to be disposed of by them as follows: Item - I leave all my property of every name and nature to be sold to the highest bidder and the money arising from the sale thereof after paying my just debts and funeral expenses to be equally divided amongst my three daughters, Sarah Hart, Phebe Groves and Amelia Hall (Wall) them and their heirs forever. Item - I give to my oldest son Andrew Arnold one dollar to him and his heirs forever. Item - I give to my second son John Arnold one dollar to him and his heirs forever. Item - I give to my third son Richard Arnold thirty three dollars and thirty three cents to him and his heirs forever. Item - I give and bequeath to Hannah Pugh's several children whose names follow to wit, To Catherine Pugh five shillings and to Sarah Trowbridge and Jesse Pugh, Michael Pugh, Mary Pugh, and Hannah Pugh to each of them eighty seven cents to them and their heirs forever. Item - I leave and bequeath to my son Levi Arnold the lands whereon I now live containing two hundred acres be the same more or less with all its appurtances to him and his heirs forever he yielding and paying Richard Arnold. the above mentioned sum of thirty three dollars and thirty three cents within three years after the decease of his mother and yielding and paying yearly and every year aftr he comes into possession of the land, To his sister Phebe Groves the sum of twelve dollars in money or such property as she in her necessity may require, and if he should sell the land and his sister Phebe Groves should then be alive to pay into the hands of my executors the sum of one hundred dollars to be by them appropriated to her wants as long as she remains in her present disabled state as her necessity may require, and lastly I constitute appoint and ordain my sons Andrew Arnold and John Monroe my whole and sole Executors of this my last Will and Testament in witness whereof I have set my hand and affixed my seal this sixth day of June in the year of our Lord 1816. John Arnold (SEAL) Attest Michael Pugh John Arnold's Will. 1819 June 14, Abraham Cresswell Proven by Michael Pugh & Abraham Cresswell Jesse Pugh Liber 6 folio 372 Recorded W,B, 1-W p 161, 81 (Quote from Mrs. Bergen, genealogist, Martinsburg, Berkeley County, W. Va.) "In Deed Book 33, p. 399, dated. 20 Nov. 1822 in Berkeley County, there is a deed which mentions land. 'being a part of a larger tract of land granted to John Arnold of 300 acres by Lord Fairfax 1754, proprietor of the Northern Neck of Virginia and by said. Arnold conveyed to William Harris and by Harris to Robert Bull etc. So, John Arnold must have owned land. in this county in 1754." Deed. Book 4 pg. 398. Frederick County, Virginia First day of August 1758 John Arnold. and Mary his wife of the county of Frederick sell to William Harris 150 acres and being part of a greater tract of 300 acres granted to the said John Arnold by the Right Hon. Thomas Lord Fairfax by deed bearing date the twenty ninth day of September 1754 as by the said deed. may appear the said land lying situate and being in the county of Frederick aforesaid and on the western side of Opechon Creek and. bounded as follows ... John Arnold Mary Arnold Signed sealed and delivered in the presence of ..... At a court held for Frederick County on Tuesday first day of August 1758 John Arnold and Mary his wife /the said. Mary being first privately examined and consenting thereto/ in open court acknowledged this their release for land to William Harris which on the motion of the said. William is admitted to be recorded. (Macdonald note): I do not know anything about the above grant, Sims Index gives two for Frederick County, one of which I obtained from Richmond but they did not find the other one which was dated 1750, so there is a mix up somewhere. Also, I know nothing of this first marriage Mary must have died as John sold land alone in 1764. Hannah did not sign, but they were supposed to be married as their third son, Richard, was born 3-15 1765, according to a DAR application paper I have of a descendant of John Arnold through his son, Richard., who married Rebecca Hawkins, Jefferson Co,, Ky. I descend through Hannah who was born Feb. 7, 1767. Only dates I have on births of John's children: Frederick County Marriage Register I page 72 line 2. Sarah Arnold and Adam Hart by Christian Streit, Dec. 9, 1793 Page 70 line 8, Phoeby Arnold and Peter Gross (Groves?) James Walls minister. June 21, 1798. These two girls are named in John Arnold s Will. He and Hannah his wife were living in Hampshire when they wrote deeds in 1790 and. 1792. This needs more research.