The Arnold and Moberly Family Genealogy

James Washington Arnold + Margaret Ross

10 children
James Arnold
Birth: March 2, 1841Warrick Co, Indiana, USA
Death: April 14, 1863

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Family group information
Marriage November 26, 1836
Census June 3, 1850
Shared note: 1850 USA Federal Census Transcription - James Washington and Margaret Ross Arnold - household

Reference: H/F: 262/262, LN: 10/18, Location: Boon Twp, Warrick Co, Indiana, USA

James Arnold(head)WM33MFarmerIndiana
Margaret Arnold(wife)WF39FnoneKentucky
Nancy Arnold(dau)WF11FnoneIndiana
Isaac Arnold(son)WM10FnoneIndiana
James Arnold(son)WM9MnoneIndiana
Evan Arnold(son)WM8MnoneIndiana
Sarah Arnold(dau)WF6FnoneIndiana
Rebecca Arnold(dau)WF4FnoneIndiana
Martha Arnold(dau)WF3/12FnoneIndiana

Census September 10, 1860
Shared note:
1860 USA Federal Census Transcription - James Washington Arnold - household Reference: H/F: 942-961, LN: 24-34, Image 32/55, Page 133, Location: Boonville, Boon Twp, Warrick Co, Indiana, USA .start_formatted_area. .b.Name|.b.Age|.b.Sex|.b.Race|.b.Occupation|.b.Assets|.b.BP James ARNOLD|43|M|(w)|Farmer|2000/500|IN Margaret ARNOLD|50|F|(w)|||KY Nancy ARNOLD|20|F|(w)|||IN Jane ARNOLD|19|F|(w)|||IN Albert* ARNOLD|17|M|(w)|||IN| (Evan Elbert Arnold) Sarah Ann ARNOLD|15|F|(w)|||IN Rebecca ARNOLD|13|F|(w)|||IN Martha ARNOLD|10|F|(w)|||IN Rachel ARNOLD|8|F|(w)|||IN Joseph ARNOLD|6|M|(w)|||IN Catharine ARNOLD|4/12|F|(w)|||IN .start_formatted_area.
Census July 14, 1870
Shared note: 1870 USA Federal Census Transcription - James W Arnold - household

Reference: HH: 44/44, LN: 39/40 & Ln 1, Pg. 5/6 Location: Pleasantville P.O., Monroe Twp, Pike Co, Indiana, USA

J.W. ARNOLD53MWFarmer0/600IN
Margaret ARNOLD60FWKeeping houseKY
Joseph ARNOLD16MWnoneINattended school w/in 1yr,

Census June 23, 1880
HF: 355/374, LN: 33/36, SD 1, ED 172, Pg 41, Lockhart Twp, Pike Co, Indiana, USA by George D Martin James W Arnold, W-M-62-M, Minister, IN-KY-KY Margret Arnold, W-F-69-M, Wife, Keeping House, KY-KY-KY Dorcus Arnold, W-F-15-S, GrandDau, At Home, at School, IN-IN-IN Hariet A Arnold, W-F-8-S, GrandDau, none, at School, IN-IN-IN has Nancy remarried? next door are HF: 356/375, LN: 37/41 Joseph F Arnold, W-M-26-M, Farmer, IN-IN-KY Mary Arnold, W-F-26-M, wife, Keeping House, IN-KY-KY Oliver Arnold, W-M-8-S, Son, none, attending School, IN-IN-IN Cary Arnold, W-F-6-S, Dau, none, attending School, IN-IN-IN Sarah J Arnold, W-F-10/12-S, Dau, none, IN-IN-IN