The Arnold and Moberly Family Genealogy

James Arnold + Nancy Jane Keith

6 children

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Family group information
Marriage September 1803
Presided by Benjamin Talbot Was this a double marriage? James sister Rachel marries Nancy's brother John Keith, both in Sept 1803.
Note: Marriage is in Book 1, Page 9 instead of page 3.
Census August 1810
LN: 22, Image 6/24, Greenville Twp, Muhlenberg Co, KY James and family less than age 10: 1-M (our Joseph, b.1808), 1-F (Rachel, b.abt 1805) ages 16-25: 1-M (father: James), 1-F (mother: Nancy) -NOTE: on Pg 5, families later allied include: William Keath*, James Cross on Pg 8, Josiah Aarnold*, 1-0-0-1-1|M-F|3-0-1-0-0-0, transcribing to: less than age 10: 1-M, 3-F ages 16-25: 1-F ages 26-45: 1-M ages 45-up: 1-M on Pg 11, Josiah Aarnold*, 0-1-1-0-1|M-F|0-1-1-0-1 and Jeremiah Arnold, 1-0-1-0-0|M-F|1-0-1-0-0 next door to them, John Keath* family, William Keath* family, and Joseph Arnold, 0-0-2-0-1|M-F|1-2-0-0-1 On Pg 17 are Abner Keath and Alexander Keath families.
Census 1820
Jas. Arnold: 3-1-0-0-1-0|M-F|1-0-0-1-1-0 transcription to: 3 M less than age 10 (one of these James Washington Arnold, b.1817), but who are James Washington Arnold's other brothers and sisters? Brothers look like: Calvin Arnold, b.1815-KY and perhaps Josiah J. Arnold, b.~1818 & m.Margaret Nixon? 1 M more than 10 but less than 16: wouldn't this be our Joseph, b.1808 (age 12)? who disappears from the household in the 1830 Census, but suddenly appears with wife Elizabeth W. Coe 1 M 26-45 (father: James, self) 1 F under 10 1 F, more than age 10 but less than 16 Who are these mystery sisters to James W. Arnold? 1 F 26-45 (mother: Nancy, self)
Census 1830
1830 US Census for Boon Twp, Warrick Co, IN shows migration of Arnolds from Muhlenberg Co, KY to Warrick and the establishing of family units at the new location. A transcription of this census shows three families living near one another. Arnold, James 516 BT 003000010000 000110100000 Arnold, Joseph 516 BT 011010100000 011100100000 Arnold, Joseph 516 BT 200020000000 000010000000 The calculations for James (Sr, age 50-60, M/1) are as follows: Males 3 - Ages 10 to 15 (one of these known to be James Washington Arnold, b.1817. Who are James brothers? Is Calvin Arnold one of them, b.1817 and the other Josiah J. Arnold, b.1818 in IN? Fem 1 - Age 15-20, Fem 1 - Age 20-30 and wife, Nancy, age 40-50. Still unable to identify James W.'s sisters. Finally, James and Nancy seem to disappear from IN census data by 1840. Did they leave Warrick Co? Did they die? Is there a will or court records of an intestate ruling or probate?