The Arnold and Moberly Family Genealogy

James Riggs “Amos” Coe + Matilda J Burch

No children

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Family group information
Marriage April 6, 1876

Census June 28, 1880
HF: 201/210, LN: 34, SD 6, ED 187, Pg 23, Fristoe Twp, Benton Co, Missouri, USA by N B Langford Matilda Coe, W-F-60-WD, none, VA-x-x -Next door (below) is this Matilda's younger brother or son by a previous marriage? HF: 202/211, LN: 35/41 Edward Huffman, W-M-46-M, Farming, VA-VA-VA Martha J Huffman, W-F-23-M, Wife, House Keeping, MO-KY-IN Mary A Huffman, W-F-20-S, Dau, none, MO-VA-MO Nancy E Huffman, W-F-18-S, Dau, none, MO-VA-MO Charles E Huffman, W-M-12-S, Son, none, Attending School, MO-VA-MO Ellie J Huffman, W-F-10-S, Dau, none, Attending School, MO-VA-MO William S Huffman, W-M-1-S, Son, none, MO-VA-MO