The Arnold and Moberly Family Genealogy

James Riggs “Amos” Coe + Elizabeth Stanford

11 children
Elizabeth R Coe
Birth: June 3, 1843Missouri, USA
Death: June 3, 1843Missouri, USA
William Henry Coe
Birth: January 27, 1852Bates Co, Missouri, USA
Death: July 28, 1855Bates Co, Missouri, USA

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Family group information
Marriage December 18, 1834
Census November 1, 1850
HF: 213/213, LN: 10/12, Image 30/84, Page 245A, District 6, Bates Co, Missouri, USA by W A Boughan Nearby is James' mother Sarah Coe, 74/F, none, PA Mary(?) Coe, 41/F, KY Sarah Coe, 16/F, Kentucky and adjacent to James and Elizabeth is Elizabeth's father and mother Phillip Stanford with Mary and also her brother's family, James Stanford. Also nearby is the Haskins family to which James/Eliz's daughter, Martha, marries one of the sons. HF: 214/214, Ln: 13/20 John Haskins, 46-M-W, Farmer, 500/TN (b.19 JAN 1804-TN, d.09 FEB 1886-Bates, MO) Elizabeth Haskins 46-F-W, none, KY (MN-Jennings, b.12 FEB 1804) William Haskins, 13-M-W, none, MO (b.3 MAR 1836) John Haskins, 12-M-W, none, MO, (b.23 OCT 1837) Nancy Haskins, 11-F-W, none, MO (b.25 MAY 1839) Parthena Haskins, 9-F-W, none, MO (b.11 MAY 1841) Wineford Haskins, 7-M-W, none, MO (b.28 JAN 1842) Believe this to be actually Winifred Haskins, Female, who later married Richard Stevens and Wm Williams. Rachel Haskins (Twin to Wineford), 7-F-W, none, MO, (married Wm Wilson)
Shared note: 1850 USA Federal Census Transcription - James Riggs Coe - household

Reference: HF: 211/211, LN: 38/42+1/4, Image 29 of 84, enumerated by R A Boughan Location: District 6, Bates Co, Missouri, USA Note: Several related families nearby, including Elizabeth's father, just above

James Coe40MWFarmer1500KY
Elizabeth Coe37FWnoneIL
Mary Coe13FWnoneILAttending School
Thadeus Coe12MWnoneILAttending School
Martha Coe11FWnoneMOAttending School
Elias Coe9MWnoneMOAttending School
Philip Coe7MWnoneMOAttending School
Derusha Coe5FWnoneMO
Margaret Coe2FWnoneMO

Census June 20, 1860
Shared note: 1860 USA Federal Census Transcription - J D Cox - household

Reference: HF: 434/434, LN: 11/19, Marvel Post Office, Page 65, enumerated by Henry C Gentry Location: Charlotte, Bates Co, Missouri, USA .start_formatted_area. .b. NOTE: family was listed by census taker as COX. Per a descendant of Elizabeth Stanford's brother - they believed this to be the family, but we found them elsewhere and this is NOT our COE family as listed herein. .end_formatted_area.

J D Cox*33MWFarmer2000/600Indiana
Elzabeth Cox*30FWnoneIndiana
Mary F Cox*11FWnoneMissouri
John H Cox*9MWnoneMissouri
Wm J Cox*7MWnoneMissouri
Jessy N Cox*5MWnoneMissouri
Nancy C Cox*2FWnoneMissouri
Emily E Cox*2/12FWnoneMissouri
Elizabeth Cox*30FWnoneIndiana(?-listed 2x?)

Census July 22, 1860
Shared note: 1860 USA Federal Census Transcription - James Coe - household

HF: 833/843, LN: 30/37, Pg 121, Pleasant Gap PO, enumerated by Henry C Gentry Location: Pleasant Gap Twp, Bates Co, Missouri, USA

James Coe49MWFarmer5000/2000Kentucky
Elizabeth Coe42FWFarmerIndiana
Elias Coe19MWFarmerIllinois
Phillip Coe17MWFarmerMissouri
Gerusha Coe15FWFarmerMissouri
Margret Coe12MWnoneMissouri
James Coe6MWnoneMissouri
Allen B Coe3MWnoneMissouri

Census July 23, 1870
Shared note: 1870 USA Federal Census Transcription - John Amos Coe - Household

Citation: HF: 206/218, LN: 32/39, Pg 31, Cole Camp PO Locality: Lindsey Twp, Benton Co, Missouri, USA by Henry Berry

Amos Coe59MWFarmer400/650KY
Elisabeth Coe52FWKeeping HouseIN
James Coe16MWFarmerMOCan't RD/WR
Allen B Coe13MWAt HomeMOCan't RD/WR
Martha Haskins [Coe]31FWAt HomeMO
John Haskins8MWnoneMOCan't RD/WR
Calvin Haskins7MWnoneMOCan't RD/WR
Elisabeth Coe?10FWAt homeMOCan't RD/WR, Attending School