The Arnold and Moberly Family Genealogy

Harvey vanPelt + Cornelia D Hubbart

12 children
Mary Lee vanPelt
Birth: April 22, 1841
Death: August 27, 1844Shelby Co, Indiana, USA
Benjamin vanPelt
Birth: May 12, 1850Shelby Co, Indiana, USA
Death: July 4, 1878Shelby Co, Indiana, USA

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Family group information
Marriage June 17, 1842
Census June 20, 1850
HF: 88/92, LN: 7/12, Image 12/145, Fairfield Twp, Butler Co, Ohio, USA by James Lewis Harvy VanPelt, 36/M/W, -, Boatman, OH Cornelia VanPelt, 26/F/W, none, NY Harriet E VanPelt, 6/F/W, none, OH, attending School Alexander VanPelt, 3/M/W, none, OH Bejamon VanPelt, 1/M/W, none, OH Jerome McThacker, 11/M/W, none, Ireland, Attending School
Census 1860
Shared note: 1860 USA Federal Census Transcription - Harvey VanPelt - household

Citation: HF: 925/907, LN: 31/39, Page 126 Locality: Noble Twp, Auglaize Co, Ohio, USA by H B Kelly

Harvey (Harry) Van Pelt48MWFarmer5000/2000OH
Cornelia Van Pelt38FWnoneNY
Elizabeth Van Pelt14FWnoneOHAttending School
Alexander Van Pelt11MWnoneOHAttending School
Benjamin Van Pelt9MWnoneOHAttending School
Carrie E. Van Pelt7FWnoneOHAttending School
Sutton Van Pelt5MWnoneOHAttending School
Ira Van Pelt3MWnoneOH
Emeline Elliot30FWnoneOH

Census August 5, 1870
Shared note: 1870 USA Federal Census Transcription - Harvey VanPelt - household

Citation: HF: 55/56, LN: 8/18, Saint Paul PO, Page 8 Locality: Noble Twp, Shelby Co, Indiana, USA by Gorydon W Morrison

Cornelia Vanpelt46FWKeeps house19000/2100New York
George A Vanpelt24MWFarmerOH
Elizabeth Vanpelt26FWnoneOH
Carrey Vanpelt16MWnoneOHAttending School
Benjamin Vanpelt21MWFarmerOH
Sutton Vanpelt14MWnoneOHAttending School
Ira Vanpelt11MWnoneOHAttending School
Edward Vanpelt9MWnoneOHAttending School
Charlie Vanpelt7MWOHAttending School
John Vanpelt5MWOH
Mathias Vanpelt3MWIN

Media objectCornelia Hubbart vanPelt's headstone, which references Harvey, in the VanPelt and Waldron-Odgen Cemetery, Noble Twp, Shelby Co, Indiana, USA
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Media objectLocation of the vanPelt Cemetery in Waldron
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