The Arnold and Moberly Family Genealogy

Matthias VanPelt Avery + Sarah Ann Collier

8 children
Delbert Avery
Birth: February 27, 1875Shelby Co, Indiana, USA
Death: before 1880Shelby Co, Indiana, USA
Herschell Buxton Avery
Birth: January 22, 1876Shelby Co, Indiana, USA
Death: February 1963Indiana, USA
Maurice Clyde Avery
Birth: February 25, 1890Shelby Co, Indiana, USA
Death: July 1976Palm Beach Co, Florida, USA

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Family group information
Marriage October 2, 1856
Census June 2, 1880
HF: 33/33, LN: 19/25, SD 3, ED 213, Pg 4, Noble Twp, Shelby Co, Indiana, USA Matthias Avery, W-M-45,(Head), -/1/-, Farmer, IN-NY-OH Sarah A Avery, Wife, W-F-41, -/1/-, Keeping House, IN-NC-SC Hellen Avery, Dau, W-F-22-S, At Home, IN-IN-IN Herman W Avery, son, W-M-19-S, Works on Farm, IN-IN-IN Francis M Avery, son, W-M-13-S, Works on Farm, Typhoid Fever, IN-IN-IN Charlotte Avery, dau, W-F-9-S, IN-IN-IN Herschell B Avery, son, W-M-6-S, IN-IN-IN Next door to John J Haymond and family, HF: 32/32