The Arnold and Moberly Family Genealogy

Alonzo Powell + Mary E “Mollie” Voorhies

No children
This family remained childless

Parents Grandparents
Alonzo Powell
Birth: September 7, 1862Johnson Co, Indiana, USA
Death: January 19, 1930Marion Co, Indiana, USA

Family group information
Marriage about 1888
Census June 1, 1900
HF: 5/5, LN: 13/14, SD 7, ED 46, Sheet 1A, 2522 Talbott Ave, Indianapolis, Center Twp, Marion Co, IN by Leo H Fosdick Alonzo Powell, Head, W-M-SEPT 1862-37-M-12, IN-KY-IN, Live Stock Dealer, Can R/W/Speak, Renting Mary E Powell, Wife, W-F-MAY 1861-39-M-12, 0/0, IN-IN-NY, none, Can R/W/Speak
Census April 28, 1910
HF: 244/330, LN: 41/45, SD 7, ED 125, Sheet 14A, 503 N Delaware St, Indianapolis, Center Twp, Marion Co, IN by Charles A Rutledge Alonzo Powell, Head, M-W-47-M1-22, IN-KY-IN, Eng, Live Stock Buyer Mary E Powell, Wife-H, F-W-48-M1-22, 0/0, IN-IN-NY, Musician - Piano Teacher Edward R Millitt, Boarder/Head, M-W-31-M1, IN-IN-IN, Superintendent - Insurance Elizabeth B Millitt, Wife-H, F-W-29-M1, 1/1, IN-IN-IN, none Edward R Millitt Jr, son, M-W-3-S, IN-IN-IN, none
Census January 6, 1920
HF: 119/134, LN: 79/81, SD 7, ED 61, Sheet 5B, 2414 N Pennsylvania St, Indianapolis, Center Twp, Marion Co, IN by Mrs Arthur E Maedje (?) Alonzo Powell, Head, 6/F, M-W-57-M, -/Y/Y, IN-KY-KY*, Eng, Purchasing Agent - Stockyards Mary E Powell, Wife-H, F-W-58-M, -/Y/Y, IN-IN-NY, Piano Teacher - At Home Frank E Hammer, Head2, R/-, M-W-58-M, -/Y/Y, IN-IN-IN, Salesman -Specialty Co Flora Hammer, Wife, F-W-53-M, -/Y/Y, IN-IN-IN, none Donald Hammer, Son, M-W-23-S, -/Y/Y, IN-IN-IN, Salesman - Film Company
Census April 14, 1930
HF: 228/251, LN 28/29, SD 8, ED 49-25, 3rd Part, Apart 21, Blk 8, Sheet 14A, 2414 N Pennsylvania St, Indianapolis, Center Twp, Marion Co, IN by John N Sexton Mary E Powell, Head, 0/6500, N/Y, F-W-68-WD-26, N/Y, IN-IN-NY, None Cora Winer, Lodger, F-W-72-WD-25, N/Y, OH-VA-VA, none
Number of children

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Front, seated, L2R: Alonzo, George, Myrtle, Ora, and John Middle, L2R: Susan, Hattie, Ernest, Allie, and Bess Rear, L2R: Mollie, Lowell, Etta and Roy