The Arnold and Moberly Family Genealogy

James Courtland Myers + Thelma Ione Powell

3 children

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Family group information
Marriage October 7, 1922
Note: Original source wording: Date of Import: May 3, 1999

Census April 10, 1930
SD 8, ED 49-453, Sheet 22B, 6025 Park Ave, Ward 4, Block 111, Washington Twp, Marion Co, IN by Marguerite G Downing James C Myers, Head, 0/7000/R/N, M-W-30-M-23, N/Y, OH-PA-OH, Real Estate - Bank Thelma Myers, Wife-H, F-W-29-M-22, N/Y, IN-IN-IN, none Etta J Myers, Dau, F-W-6-S, Y/-, IN-OH-IN, none James Myers, Son, M-W-2+6/12-S, N/-, IN-OH-IN, none Virginia L Myers, dau, F-W- (born after APR 1st and deleted), IN-OH-IN, none