The Arnold and Moberly Family Genealogy

William Major + Eliza Ann vanPelt

9 children

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Family group information
Marriage July 14, 1836
Census July 2, 1860
HF: 461/460, LN: 37/40 + 1/7, Page 65/66, Image 1-2/42 Coons Creek, Noble Twp, Shelby Co, Indiana, USA William Major, 62-M, Farmer, 13240/1325, Ireland Eliza Major, 41-F, HousekKeeper, OH Allen Major, 21-M, Farmer, IND Margaret L Major, 18-F, Domestic, IND Alexander Major, 14-M, IND William Major, 12-M, IND Martha Major, 5-F, IND Squire L Major, 9-M, IND Rosetta Major, 19-F, Domestic, IND Almira Crane, 20-F, Teacher, OHIO John Mahr, 21-M, Farmer, Germany Next door in HF: 463/462, LN 12/17 Edmond Gooper, 41-M, Farmer, 5000/1430, VA Margaret J Cooper, 32-F, Housekeeper, IND Alexander Cooper, 11-M, IND Squire J Cooper, 4-M, IND Caroline C Cooper, 6/12-F, IND Benjamin Sly, 19-M, Month Laborer, OHIO and a couple of Ogdens (Hermon and Abraham)