The Arnold and Moberly Family Genealogy

Thomas C Veal + Elizabeth W Arnold

8 children

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Marriage August 13, 1877
Note: some (LDS) show 1879 year of marriage, not 1877
Census June 11, 1880
HF: 141/141, LN: 31/34, SD 2, ED 56, Pg 15, Precinct 1, North White Oak, Hopkins Co, Texas, USA by 11 JUN 1880 by W J Blythe Thomas C Veal, W-M-25-M, (head), Farmer, MO-KY-KY Elizabeth Veal, W-F-28-M, Wife, Keeping House, IN-KY-KY Auda May Veal, W-F-2-S, Dau, none, TX-MO-IN Samuel Veal, W-M-8/12-[MAR]-S, Son, none, TX-MO-IN -NOTE: next door is Elizabeth's brothers - Columbus C Arnold and John Arnold HF: 142/142, LN: 35/40 Columbus C Arnold, W-M-36-M, (head), Farmer, KY(was IN)-KY-KY Lena Arnold, W-F-26-M, wife, Keeping House, KY-KY-KY Charley Arnold, W-M-10-S, Son, At School, IN-KY-KY Rosa Arnold, W-F-8-S, Dau, At School, IN-KY-KY Miney Arnold, W-F-6-S, Dau, none, IN-KY-KY Moda Arnold, W-F?-2-S, Dau, none, IN-KY-KY -NOTE: HF: 143/143, LN: 41/45 John Arnold, W-M-39-M, (head), Farmer, KY-KY-KY Mary Arnold, W-F-28-M, Wife, Keeping House, KY-KY-KY Henry Goldsmith Arnold, W-M-12-S, Son, KY-KY-KY Austin Arnold, W-M-4-S, Son, KY-KY-KY Lily Arnold, W-F-2-S, Dau, none, KY-KY-KY -NOTE: also on this page are other relatives to Thomas, including HF: 139/139, LN: 21/25, James F Veal with wife Tabitha and children Oda M, Alonzo F, and Amanda E.
Census June 11, 1880
Shared note: 1880 USA Federal Census Transcription - Thomas C VEAL - household

Reference: HF: 141/141, LN: 31/34, SD 2, ED 56, Page 15, enumerated by W J Blythe Location: Precinct 1, Hopkins Co, Texas, USA Note: James F Veal, Thomas' brother is at HF: 139/139 and two of Elizabeth Arnold Veal's brothers, with their famlies, are just below at HF: 142/142 (Christopher) and 143/143 (John)

Thomas C VEALWM25(head)MFarmerMOKYKY
Elizabeth VEALWF28WifeMKeeping HouseINKYKY

Census June 13, 1900
HF: 144/145, LN: 96/100, SD 1, ED 59, Sheet 7B, Precinct 8, Hopkins Co, Texas, USA by W E McLaughlin Thomas C Veal, Head, W-M-SEP 1855-44-M-22 [1878], MO-KY-KY, Farmer/3, -YYY, R/-/F/132 Elizabeth Veal, Wife, W-F-MAY 1851-49-M-22 [1878], 3/3, IN-IN*-IN*, -YYY Calvin Veal, Son, W-M-MAR 1900-3/12-S, TX-MO-IN, none, -NNY Amanda Gray, Step-Dau, W-F-JAN 1885-15-S, AR-GA-IN, 8YYY Addie Gray, Step-Dau, W-F-MAR 1887-13-S, AR-GA-IN, 8YYY -NOTE: nearby (above) are Elizabeth's brother, Columbus and his son Charley HF: 132/136, LN: 52/57 Clum Arnold, Head, W-M-JAN 1844-56-M-30 [1870], IN-KY-KY, Farmer/3, -YYY, O/F/F/123 Mary A Arnold, Wife, W-F-SEP 1854-45-M-30 [1870], 10/8, KY-KY-KY, none, -YYY Hallie Arnold, Son, W-M-NOV 1880-19-S, TX-IN-KY, Farm Laborer/2, 8YYY Theodore Arnold, Son, W-M-APR 1883-17-S, TX-IN-KY, Farm Laborer/2, 8YYY Cumfs Arnold, Son, W-M-JUL 1887-12-S, TX-IN-KY, Farm Laborer/2, 8YYY Addie Arnold, Son, W-M-MAY 1890-9-S, TX-IN-KY, none, 6--- Emma Davis, Servant, B-F-UNK 1865-35-S, UNK-UNK-UNK, Cooking/0, -NNY -NOTE: Columbus' son Charley, HF: 133/137 Charley Arnold, Head, W-M-DEC 1871-28-M-3, IN-IN-KY, Farmer/0, -YYY, O/F/F/124 Sallie Arnold, Wife, W-F-JAN 1876-24-M-3, 1/1, AL-AL-AL, none, -YYY Ethel Arnold, Dau, W-F-DEC 1897-2-S, TX-IN-AL, none