The Arnold and Moberly Family Genealogy

Joseph Arnold + Elizabeth W Coe

8 children

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Marriage April 19, 1828
Note: Ceremony performed by Joseph Arnold, b.1791, as Warrick County's first Justice of the Peace. If our Joseph is the son of James Arnold (m.Nancy Keith), as we suspect, then the marriage was performed by our Joseph's uncle.
Census 1840
Pg 57 (Ancestry image 14 of 21), Boone Twp, Warrick Co, Indiana, USA Joseph Arnold (Jr.) 2-3-0-0-0-1 + 0-0-0-0-0-1- Only a few doors away is his Brother-in-Law, Elias Coe with his Arnold wife Elias T. Coe: 2-2-0-0-0-1- |M-F|1-0-0-0-0-1- and also nearby is Elizabeth Arnold: 0-0-0-1-1-0- |M-F| 0-0-1-0-0-0-1- and on the next page James W. Arnold: 1-0-0-0-3- |M-F| 2-0-0-0-0-1- and Henry Rhoads and Francis Ashby
Census 1850
Note: Joseph and his family have relocated to Pike County, IN from Warrick County, just south.
Shared note: 1850 USA Federal Census Transcription - Joseph ARNOLD - household

Reference: HF: 186/186, LN: 35/42, Image 26, enumerated by J C Graham Location: Jefferson Twp, Pike Co, Indiana

Joseph Arnold45 (1805)M(w)Farmer80KY
Elizabeth Arnold40 (1810)F(w)farmerKY
Allen Arnold20 (1830)M(w)LaborerIN
William Arnold18 (1832)M(w)LaborerIN
Alfred Arnold16 (1834)M(w)LaborerIN
John Arnold12 (1838)M(w)noneIN
Columbus Arnold8 (1842M(w)noneIN
Perry Arnold8 (1842)M(w)noneIN

Census July 11, 1860
Shared note: 1860 USA Federal Census Transcription - Joseph ARNOLD - household

Reference: HF: 492/492, LN: 33/37, Pg 69, enumerated by Location: Winslow PO, Marion Twp, Pike Co, Indiana, USA .start_formatted_area. .b.Name|.b.Age|.b.Sex|.b.Race|.b.Occupation|.b.Assets|.b.BP|.b.Notes Joseph ARNOLD|54|M|(w)|Farmer|1000/500|KY|(1806) Elizabeth ARNOLD|52|F|(w)|||PA|(1808), can not read/write Columbus ARNOLD|18|M|(w)|Laborer||IN|(1842), Attending School Perry ARNOLD|16|M|(w)|Laborer||IN|(1844), Attending School Elizabeth ARNOLD|10|F|(w)|||IN|(1850) .end_formatted_area. Page 30, Image 30, HF: 215/208, LN: 8/10, son Allen w/ Elizabeth and new dau, Lucinda 1860 Census, Pike Co, Indiana, Jefferson Twp, Petersburgh P.O.,

Allen ARNOLD30MWFarming1000/400IN
Elizabeth ARNOLD20FWnoneIN
Lucinda ARNOLDS1FWnoneIN

Census November 3, 1870
Shared note: 1870 USA Federal Census Transcription - Elizabeth ARNOLD - (Joseph deceased) household

Reference: HF: 212/212, LN: 32/35, Page 29, enumerated by Jacob Prayer? Location: Pikeville PO, Marion Twp, Pike Co, Indiana, USA .start_formatted_area. .b.Name|.b.Age|.b.Sex|.b.Race|.b.Occupation|.b.Assets|.b.BP|.b.Notes Elisabeth ARNOLD|63|F|W|Keeping house|1200/250|PA|[1807] Perry ARNOLD|27|M|W|Farmer||IN|[1843] Elisabeth ARNOLD|18|F|W|||IN|[1852] McAllen ARNOLD|6|M|W|||IN|[1864] This is probably a grandson, child of Perry & F-?) .end_formatted_area. Next door, below at HF: 213/213, LN: 36/37 .start_formatted_area. .b.Name|.b.Age|.b.Sex|.b.Race|.b.Occupation|.b.Assets|.b.BP|.b.Notes Columbus ARNOLD|30|M|W|Farmer|400/200|IN|[1840] Mary Ann ARNOLD|18|F|W|Keeping house||KY| .end_formatted_area. Nearby at HF: 225-225 is son William with his family Next door to Marion Keath (Keith) Age 24 with Louisa Ann Keath and Emery, also William Hayes, Pleasant Robling

William ARNOLD39MWFarmer1500/400IN
Sarah Ann ARNOLD20FWKeeping HouseIN
Joseph M ARNOLD4MWnoneIN[Joseph Mack]
Admira ARNOLD2FWnoneIN