The Arnold and Moberly Family Genealogy

Christopher Columbus Simon Arnold + Mary Ann Hattan

9 children
James Hallard “Hallie” Arnold
Birth: November 22, 1881Hopkins Co, Texas, USA
Death: June 15, 1953Hopkins Co, Texas, USA
Frederick Joseph “Freddie” Arnold
Birth: September 9, 1885Hopkins Co, Texas, USA
Death: October 29, 1890Hopkins Co, Texas, USA

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Family group information
Marriage April 1, 1869
Census November 3, 1870
Shared note: 1870 USA Federal Census Transcription - Elizabeth ARNOLD - (Joseph deceased) household

Reference: HF: 212/212, LN: 32/35, Page 29, enumerated by Jacob Prayer? Location: Pikeville PO, Marion Twp, Pike Co, Indiana, USA .start_formatted_area. .b.Name|.b.Age|.b.Sex|.b.Race|.b.Occupation|.b.Assets|.b.BP|.b.Notes Elisabeth ARNOLD|63|F|W|Keeping house|1200/250|PA|[1807] Perry ARNOLD|27|M|W|Farmer||IN|[1843] Elisabeth ARNOLD|18|F|W|||IN|[1852] McAllen ARNOLD|6|M|W|||IN|[1864] This is probably a grandson, child of Perry & F-?) .end_formatted_area. Next door, below at HF: 213/213, LN: 36/37 .start_formatted_area. .b.Name|.b.Age|.b.Sex|.b.Race|.b.Occupation|.b.Assets|.b.BP|.b.Notes Columbus ARNOLD|30|M|W|Farmer|400/200|IN|[1840] Mary Ann ARNOLD|18|F|W|Keeping house||KY| .end_formatted_area. Nearby at HF: 225-225 is son William with his family Next door to Marion Keath (Keith) Age 24 with Louisa Ann Keath and Emery, also William Hayes, Pleasant Robling

William ARNOLD39MWFarmer1500/400IN
Sarah Ann ARNOLD20FWKeeping HouseIN
Joseph M ARNOLD4MWnoneIN[Joseph Mack]
Admira ARNOLD2FWnoneIN

Census June 11, 1880
HF: 142/142, LN: 35/40, SD 2, ED 56, Page 15 (115), Precinct 1, North White Oak, Hopkins Co, Texas, USA by W J Blythe Columbus C Arnold, W-M-36-M, (Head), Farmer, IN/KY-KY-KY Lena Arnold, W-F-26-M, Wife, Keeping House, KY-KY*-KY Charley Arnold, W-M-10-S, Son, At School, IN-KY*-KY Rosa Arnold, W-F-8-S, Dau, none, IN-KY*-KY Miney Arnold, W-F-6-S, Dau, none, IN-KY*-KY Moda Arnold, W-F-2-S, Dau, none, IN-KY*-KY next door, in HF: 143/143, LN: 41/45 John Arnold, W-M-34-M, Farmer, KY-KY-KY Mary Arnold, W-F-28-M, Wife, Keeping House, KY-KY-KY Henry Goldsmith Arnold, W-M-12-S, Son, At Home, KY-KY-KY Austin Arnold, W-M-4-S, Son, none, KY-KY-KY Lila Arnold, W-F-2-S, Dau, none, KY-KY-KY nearby families include: Thomas C Veal with wife Elizabeth, Dau- Auda Mary and son Samuel (Mar 1880) Ellen Neal, W-F-41 with son and dau This family is not indexed within the 1880 census by
Census June 13, 1900
HF: 132/136, LN: 52/58, SD 1, ED 59, Sheet 7B, Justice Precinct 8, Hopkins Co, Texas, USA by W E McLaughlin Clum Arnold, Head, W-M-JAN 1844-56-M-30, IN-KY-KY, Farmer Mary A Arnold, Wife, W-F-SEP 1854-45-M-30, 10/8, KY-KY-KY, none Hallie Arnold, Son, W-M-NOV 1880-19-S, TX-IN-KY, Farm Laborer Theodore Arnold, Son, W-M-APR 1883-17-S, TX-IN-KY, Farm Laborer Cumps Arnold, Son, W-M-JUL 1887-12-S, TX-IN-KY, Farm Laborer Addie Arnold, Son, W-M-MAY 1890-9-S, TX-IN-KY, none Emmerce Davis, Servant, B-F-JUN 1865-35-S, UNK-UNK-UNK, Cooking next door in HF: 133/137, LN: 59/61 are Columbus' son and his family: Charley Arnold, Head, W-M-DEC 1871-28-M-3, IN-IN-KY, Farmer Sallie Arnold, Wife, W-F-JAN 1876-24-M-3, 1/1, AL-AL-AL, none Ethel Arnold, Dau, W-F-DEC 1897-2-S, TX-IN-AL, none
Census April 28, 1910
HF: 182/192, LN: 10/13, SD 1, ED 69, Sheet 10A, Justice Precinct 8, Hopkins Co, Texas, USA by John E Stubling Clombus S Arnold, Head, M-W-69-M1-41, IN-GA-PA, English, Farmer - General Farm Mary A Arnold, Wife, F-W-59-M1-41, 10/8, KY-KY-KY, English, none Hollis J Arnold, son, M-W-28-S, TX-IN-KY, English, Farm laborer - Home farm Tecumpsy Arnold, Son, M-W-22-S, TX-IN-KY, English, Farm Laborer - Home farm