The Arnold and Moberly Family Genealogy

Charles “Charley” Arnold + Sallie Ann Hamm

2 children

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Family group information
Marriage about 1897

Census June 13, 1900
HF: 132/136, LN: 52/58, SD 1, ED 59, Sheet 7B, Justice Precinct 8, Hopkins Co, Texas, USA by W E McLaughlin Clum Arnold, Head, W-M-JAN 1894-56-M-30, IN-KY-KY, Farmer Mary A Arnold, Wife, W-F-SEP 1854-45-M-30, 10/8, KY-KY-KY, none Hallie Arnold, Son, W-M-NOV 1880-19-S, TX-IN-KY, Farm Laborer Theodore Arnold, Son, W-M-APR 1883-17-S, TX-IN-KY, Farm Laborer Cumfs Arnold, Son, W-M-JUL 1887-12-S, TX-IN-KY, Farm Laborer Addie Arnold, Son, W-M-MAY 1890-9-S, TX-IN-KY, none Emmerce Davis, Servant, B-F-JUN 1865-35-S, UNK-UNK-UNK, Cooking next door in HF: 133/137, LN: 59/61 are Columbus' son and his family: Charley Arnold, Head, W-M-DEC 1871-28-M-3, IN-IN-KY, Farmer Sallie Arnold, Wife, W-F-JAN 1876-24-M-3, 1/1, AL-AL-AL, none Ethel Arnold, Dau, W-F-DEC 1897-2-S, TX-IN-AL, none
Census April 26, 1910
HF: 148/157, LN: 52/55, SD 1, ED 69, Sheet 8B, Justice Precinct 8, Hopkins Co, Texas, USA by John E Stribling Charley Arnold, Head, M-W-37-M1-13, IN-IN-KY, English, Farmer - General Farm Sallie Arnold, Wife, F-W-34-M1-13, 2/2, AL-AL-AL, English, none Ethel Arnold, Dau, F-W-12-S, TX-IN-AL, English, none Hershal Arnold, Son, M-W-6-S, TX-IN-AL, none
Census January 28, 1920
HF: FM-187/207, LN: 36/40, SD 1, ED 82, Sheet 10A, Justice Precinct 8, Hopkins Co, Texas, USA by Aurelaus G Horgis Charlie Arnold, Head, O/F, M-W-48-M, N/Y/Y, IN-IN-IN, Laborer - Farm Sally Arnold, Wife, F-W-44-M, N/Y/Y, AL-AL-AL, HouseWife - House Herschell Arnold, Son, M-W-16-S, Y?y/Y, TX-IN-AL, Yes, None Vern Parker, Nephew, M-W-10-S, Y/Y/Y, TX-ARK-AL, Yes, none Kenneth Parker, Nephew, M-W-4-S, N/N/N, TX-ARK-AL, No, none -NOTE: these are possibly children of George W and Susan J Parker. Nearby families include: Robert Blackwell (M/33-TX) with Lareta and Geraldine Modia Arnold [Ira] (M/39-TX) with wife Ora and Sons Toby and Haskel Charlie Lindley (M/32-TX) with wife Sally Mack Crisp (M/49-TX) with wife Rosebud Tillman Keith (M/48-IN) with daus Lilly, children Pearl, Lana, son Clifton and father Marion
Census April 11, 1930
HF: 205/205, LN: 27/50, SD 5, ED 112-29, Sheet 10A, Justice Precinct 8, Hopkins Co, Texas, USA by Mrs Frank Gregg Sallie Arnold, Head-H, O/-/-/yes, F-W-54-WD, N/Y, AL-AL-AL, yes, Farmer - General Farm/E, Y/-, 201 Josep P Parker, Nephew, M-W-16-S, Y/Y, AR-AR-AR, yes, Laborer - General Farm/W, Y/- Kenith Parker, Nephew, M-W-14-S, Y/Y, AR-AR-AR, yes, none -NOTE: above is Sallie's son, Herschell, HF: 204/204, LN: 44/46 Hercil L Arnold, Head, R/-/-/yes, M-W-25 [1905]-M-19 [1924], N/Y, TX-IN-AL, Yes, Farmer - General Farm/E, Y/-, N/-, 200 Glodis* A Arnold, Wife-H, F-W-23-M-17, N/Y, TX-TN-TX, yes, none Bonnie G Arnold, Dau, F-W-5-S, N/Y, TX-TX-TX, none