The Arnold and Moberly Family Genealogy

Homer Oriel Cooper + Mabel Clare Witty

2 children

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Family group information
Marriage December 24, 1895
Note: Family records show ceremony was held on 25 DEC 1895, Christmas Day, rather than 24 DEC 1895. Possibly the license was issued on the 24th?
Census April 21, 1910
HF: 109/109, LN: 29/32, SD 7, ED 51, Sheet 5A, 2261 N Alabama St, Indianapolis, Center Twp, Marion Co, IN by Adam W Marsh Homer Cooper, Head, M-W-37-M-14, IN-IN-IN, Contractor - City Mable Cooper, Wife, F-W-34-M-14, 2/2, KY-IN-England, none Rolland Cooper, Son, M-W-13-S, N/Y/Y, IN-KY-IN, none Kenneth Cooper, Son, M-W-10-S, N/Y/Y, IN-KY-IN, None
Census January 9, 1920
HF: 281/298, LN: 65/68, SD 7, ED 41, Sheet 13B, 2315 N Broadway St, Indianapolis, Center Twp, Marion Co, IN by Violet P Wellson Homer O Cooper, Head, 0/F, M-W-47-M, N/Y/Y, IN-IN-IN, Street Contractor - Offices Mable Cooper, Wife, F-W-43-M, N/Y/Y, KY-IN-England, none Roland Cooper, Son, M-W-22-S, N/Y/Y, IN-KY-IN, Street Contractor - Offices Kenneth Cooper, Son, M-W-20-S, N/Y/Y, IN-KY-IN, None
Divorce November 16, 1921
Note: Mabel continues to reside with her son, Homer Kenneth Cooper and his new wife, Jeannett Crawley. During this period she is wooed by a neighbor, my GGF, John Powell.