The Arnold and Moberly Family Genealogy

Roy Endicott Moore + Bessie Powell

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Marriage October 25, 1905
Census May 2, 1910
HF: 437/469, LN: 71/72, SD 4, ED 119, Sheet 22B, 10 Adams St, Franklin Twp, Johnson Co, IN by Edna M Pritchard Roy E Moore, Head, M-W-33-M1-4, IN-IN-IN, Eng, Retail merchant - Furniture, Emp Bess P Moore, Wife, F-W-26-M1-4, 0/0, IN-KY-IN, Eng, none
Census January 14, 1920
Address: 10 E Adams St Franklin, Franklin Twp, Johnson Co, Indiana, USA
HF: 273/281, LN: 71/72, SD 80, ED 136, Sheet 11A, 10 E Adams St, Ward 3 Franklin Twp, Johnson Co, IN by Dan Campbell Roy Moore, Head, 0/F, M-W-44-M, Y/Y, IN-IN-IN, Furniture - Store Own Bessie Moore, Wife, F-W-36-M, Y/Y, IN-KY-IN, none - Bessie's sister Myrtle Mae 'Bertie' Tufts and her husband Ernest live next door.
Census April 16, 1930
Address: 199 N Harrison St Franklin, Franklin Twp, Johnson Co, Indiana, USA
HF: 337/352, LN: 20/22, SD 11, ED 41-5, Sheet 13A, 199 N Harrison St, Ward 2, Franklin Twp, Johnson Co, IN by Julia D Tilson Roy E Moore, Head, 0/3500/R/N, M-W-54-M-23, N/Y, IN-IN-IN, Retail Merchant - Furniture Elsie G Moore*, Wife-H, F-W-45-M-37, N/Y, IN-IN-IN, none Gregory Cox, Lodger, M-W-26-S, N/Y, IL-IL-IL, Salesman - Bonds * IS THIS STILL OUR BESSIE?
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Front, seated, L2R: Alonzo, George, Myrtle, Ora, and John Middle, L2R: Susan, Hattie, Ernest, Allie, and Bess Rear, L2R: Mollie, Lowell, Etta and Roy