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Irial Faidh1683 BCE

Irial Faidh
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Death 1683 BCE (-1683)

Heremon: He and his eldest brother Heber were, jointly, the firstMilesian Monarchs of Ireland; they began to reign, A.M. 3,500, or, BeforeChrist, 1699. After Heber was slain, B.C. 1698, Heremon reigned singlyfor fourteen years; during which time a certain colony called by theIrish Cruithneaigh, in English "Cruthneans" or Picts, arrived in Irelandand requested Heremon to assign them a part of the country to settle in,which he refused; but, giving them as wives the widows of theTuatha-de-Danans, slain in battle, he sent them with a strong party ofhis own forces to conquer the country then called "Alba," but nowScotland; conditionally, that they and their posterity should betributary to the Monarchs of Ireland. Heremon died, B.C. 1683, and was succeeded by three of his four sons,named Muimne, Luigne, and Laighean, who reigned jointly for three years,and were slain by their Heberian successors. HEREMON was the seventh son of Milesius of Spain, but the third of thethree sons who left any issue. From him were descended the Kings,Nobility, and Gentry of the Kingdoms of Connaught, Dalriada, Leinster,Meath, Orgiall, Ossory; of Scotland, since the fifth century; of Ulster,since the fourth century; and of England, from the reign of King HenryII., down to the present time. THE Stem of the Irish Nation from Heremon down to Art Eanfhear, Monarchof Ireland in the second century. "The House of Heremon," writes O'Callaghan, "from the number of itsprinces, or great families - from the multitude of its distinguishedcharacters, as laymen or churchmen - and from the extensive territoriesacquired by those belonging to it, at home and abroad, or in Alba as wellas in Ireland - was regarded as by far the most illustrious: so much so,according to the best native authority, that it would be as reasonable toaffirm that one pound is equal in value to one hundred pounds, as itwould be to compare any other line with that of Heremon."