The Arnold and Moberly Family Genealogy

Samuel CoeAge: 83 years18761959

Samuel Coe
Given names
Birth January 31, 1876
Birth of a brotherWilliam Willaby Coe
October 31, 1878 (Age 2 years)
Death of a paternal grandmotherRachel Arnold
before 1880 (Age 3 years)

Note: Husband Elias is widower in 1880 census, living with his daughter Mary Jane Powers
Death of a paternal grandfatherElias Thomas Coe
1882 (Age 5 years)
Birth of a sisterKatie Coe
May 1889 (Age 13 years)

MarriageMinerva Elizabeth SimpsonView this family
February 13, 1894 (Age 18 years)
Birth of a daughter
Elsie Coe
March 13, 1894 (Age 18 years)

Birth of a son
Luther Coe
February 13, 1895 (Age 19 years)
Death of a daughterElsie Coe
October 3, 1897 (Age 21 years)

Burial of a daughterElsie Coe
1897 (Age 20 years)
Birth of a son
Arthur Coe
August 19, 1898 (Age 22 years)
CensusMinerva Elizabeth SimpsonView this family
June 2, 1900 (Age 24 years)
HF: 14/14, LN: 71/75, SD 1, ED 30, Sheet 1B, Monroe Twp, Pike Co, Indiana, USA by Daniel W Grubb Samuel Coe, Head, W-M-JAN 1876-26-M-5, IN-IN-IN, Farmer/0, -YYY, R-F/13 Maneva E Coe, Wife, W-F-MAR 1825-25-M-5, 3/2, IN-IN-IN, none, -NNY Luther Coe, Son, W-M-FEB 1895-5-S, none, --- Arthur Coe, Son, W-M-AUG 1898-1-S, none, --- Robert L Simpson, B-in-Law, W-M-JAN 1873-27-S, IN-IN-IN, Day Laborer/4, -YYY ---nearby, HF: 16/16, LN: 82/85, brother Williba Williba Coe, Head, W-M-OCT 1878-21-M-3, IN-IN-IN, Farmer/0, -YYY, R/-/F/15 Lucy A Coe, Wife, W-F-NOV 1876-23-M-3, 2/2, IN-TN-IN, none, -YYY Girta G Coe, Dau, W-F-OCT 1897-2-S, IN-IN-IN, none, --- Mammie T Coe, Dau, W-F_DEC 1898-1-S, IN-IN-IN, none, ---
Birth of a son
Samuel Calvin Coe
December 28, 1900 (Age 24 years)
Death of a sonSamuel Calvin Coe
August 9, 1902 (Age 26 years)

Burial of a sonSamuel Calvin Coe
August 1902 (Age 26 years)
Cemetery: Blackfoot Cemetery
Death of a fatherFrancis Marion “Frank” Coe
October 14, 1908 (Age 32 years)
Birth of a daughter
Nora Coe
December 26, 1908 (Age 32 years)

Death of a daughterNora Coe
December 26, 1908 (Age 32 years)

CensusMinerva Elizabeth SimpsonView this family
May 7, 1910 (Age 34 years)
HF: 387/395, LN: 15/17, SD 1, ED 19, Sheet 15A, Fort Branch, Marion Twp, Gibson Co, Indiana, USA by William Sherter? Samuel Coe, Head, M-W-36-M1-16, IN-IN-IN, English, Miner - Coal Miner/W, No/0, YY-, R/-/H/- Minerva E Coe, Wife, F-W-35-M1-16, 5/2, IN-IN-IN, English, None, NN- Arthur Coe, Son, M-W-11-S, IN-IN-IN, English, none, YYY
Birth of a son
Ira Coe
September 27, 1910 (Age 34 years)
Birth of a grandson
Onis Herman “Onie” Coe
September 9, 1916 (Age 40 years)
WWI Draft Registration, Samuel Coe
September 12, 1916 (Age 40 years)
Birth of a granddaughter
Ruth Eloise Coe
January 28, 1918 (Age 41 years)
Birth of a granddaughter
Mary Coe
about 1920 (Age 43 years)
CensusMinerva Elizabeth SimpsonView this family
January 12, 1920 (Age 43 years)
HF: 171.190, LN: 61/63, SD 77, ED 44, Sheet 7B, 309 7th St, Petersburg, Washington Twp, Pike Co, Indiana, USA by Mrs John G Grim Samuel Coe, Head, O/M, M-W-43-M, -YY, IN-IN-IN, Yes, miner - Coal Mine/W Minerva Coe, Wife, F-W-44-M, -YY, IN-IN-IN, yes, none Ira Coe, Son, M-W-9-S, Y--, IN-IN-IN, none ---same address are Sara Battles with Grand Nephew - Roy Wyatt
Birth of a grandson
Harold Samuel Coe
April 19, 1924 (Age 48 years)
Birth of a granddaughter
Lois E Coe
February 1, 1928 (Age 52 years)
Death of a motherMalinda Almon
March 19, 1929 (Age 53 years)
CensusMinerva Elizabeth SimpsonView this family
April 9, 1930 (Age 54 years)
Address: 78 Fulton St Akron, Akron Twp, Summit Co, Ohio, USA
HF: 106/148, LN: 56/59, SD 9, WD 77-109, Sheet 7B, Akron, 6th Ward, Block 128, Summit Co, Ohio, USA by Mary McBride Samuel Coe, Head, R/45/R/No, M-W-54-M-18, N/Y, IN-IN-IN, Yes, Hester Man - Rubber/W, Y/-, N/- Minerva Coe, Wife, F-W-55-M-19, N/Y, IN-IN-IN, Yes, none Ira Coe, Son, M-W-19-S, N/Y, IN-IN-IN, yes, Stock Poutter - Rubber/W, Y/-, N/- Ray Simpson, Lodger, M-W-24-M-19, N/Y, IN-IN-IN, Tire Builder - Rubber/W, Y/-, N/- ---nearby is son, Luther Coe family, HF: 108/152, LN: 70/74, 72 Fulton St Luther Coe, Head, R/50/-/No, M-W-35-M-18, N/Y, IN-IN-IN, yes, Steamfitter - Rubber/W, Y/-, N/- Martha H Coe, Wife-H, F-W-35-M, N/Y, IN-IN-IN, yes, none Onie H Coe, Son, M-W-13-S, Y/Y, IN-IN-IN, yes, none Ruth E Coe, Dau, F-W-12-S, Y/Y, IN-IN-iN, yes, none Marilou Coe, Dau, F-W-1+11/2-S, --, OH-IN-IN, none
Death of a grandsonOnis Herman “Onie” Coe
December 20, 1941 (Age 65 years)
Cause: Burned to death in an automobile accident near Salem, Ohio
Burial of a grandsonOnis Herman “Onie” Coe
about December 22, 1941 (Age 65 years)
Death of a wifeMinerva Elizabeth Simpson
October 4, 1943 (Age 67 years)
Death of a brotherWilliam Willaby Coe
1951 (Age 74 years)

Death April 3, 1959 (Age 83 years)
Burial 1959 (Age 82 years)
Family with parents - View this family
Marriage: December 23, 1874Pike Co, Indiana, USA
13 months
3 years
younger brother
11 years
younger sister
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Marriage: July 13, 1865Pike Co, Indiana, USA
Family with Minerva Elizabeth Simpson - View this family
Marriage: February 13, 1894Pike Co, Indiana, USA
1 month
11 months
4 years
2 years
8 years
21 months