The Thomas Gailey Family Tree


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Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
A. C. Gailey
December 24, 192198Sherman, Grayson Co, Texas, USA0November 8, 20021780Sherman, , Grayson Co, Texas, USA
Anne Letha Narcissus Rowe Gailey
October 10, 1918101Grayson Co, Texas, USA0September 10, 19962477Mesquite, Dallas Co, Texas, USA
Annie Gailey
Charley Haskel Gailey
1908112Pontotoc Co, Oklahoma, USA0
David Gailey
David Leroy Gailey
December 7, 1876143Indiana6January 27, 19239746Pontotoc Co, Oklahoma, USA
Edna Mae Gailey
Edna Mae Martin
Edna Mae Hathaway
December 17, 193683Denison, Grayson Co, Texas, USA0October 24, 20051468Austin, Travis Co, Texas, USAMarch 11, 2007 - 9:38:04 p.m.
Emma Gailey
December 18841350
Estelle Marie Gailey
December 2, 195465Madonna Hospital, Denison, Grayson Co, Texas, USA0February 6, 1955650Grayson Co, Texas, USA buried Cedarlawn Cemetery, Armstrong's Lot. Sherman, Grayson Co, Texas, USA
Eugene C. Gailey
July 21, 1918102Oklahoma0December 15, 19912873Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA Co, Oklahoma, USA
Howard M. Gailey
February 18811390August 25, 19566475
Hugh William Rowe Gailey
March 5, 192496Sherman, Grayson Co, Texas, USA3January 14, 19982273Denison, Grayson Co, Texas, USA
Hugh William Gailey, Jr.
July 26, 194971Denison, Grayson Co, Texas, USA0December 20, 20041555Denison, Grayson Co, Texas, USA
Isaac Gailey
James Gailey
January 20, 1847173Missouri6after 189312745Indian Territory (Oklahoma)June 16, 2011 - 10:51:43 a.m.
James Gailey
James W. Gailey
August 8, 1913107Grayson Co, Texas, USA0September 16, 19437730Salerno, Italy
James Washington Gailey
July 5, 1891129Missouri3December 31, 19566365Denison, Grayson Co, Texas, USA
James William Gailey
December 28, 192990Sherman, Grayson Co, Texas, USA0March 26, 20071377Denison, Grayson Co, Texas, USANovember 29, 2009 - 1:12:47 p.m.
Jennie Gailey
October 18831360between 1900 and 191012016
John Gailey
John Alton Gailey
August 20, 193486Sherman, Grayson Co, Texas, USA0December 6, 20021768Dallas, Dallas Co, Texas, USA
Johnnie Izoel Bell Rowe Gailey
Johnnie Izoel Bell Rowe Nichols
October 12, 192198Whitesboro, Grayson Co, Texas, USA0May 24, 19912969Denison, Grayson Co, Texas, USA
Johnnie Jack Gailey
March 6, 195268Denison, Grayson Co, Texas, USA0July 1, 20002048Parkland Hospital, Dallas Co, Texas, USA
Johnny Jim Gailey
July 25, 197248Baylor Hospital, Dallas, Dallas Co, Texas, USA0January 3, 20002027Dallas, Dallas Co, Texas, USA
Joseph Gailey
Lillie Belle Gailey
Lillie Belle Matties
June 12, 1906114Whiteright, Grayson Co, Texas, USA0December 30, 19843578Chelsea, Michigan
Loreda Loretta (Galey) Gailey
October 17, 1917102Grayson Co, Texas, USA0November 19, 19893072Grayson Co, Texas, USA
Lucinda Gailey
1837183Illinois or Tennessee9
Mahulda Gailey
Mahulda Williams
Nancy Gailey
Pearl Lee (Galey) Gailey
September 28, 1907112Sherman, Grayson Co, Texas, USA0April 19873379Dallas, Dallas Co, Texas, USA
Peter Thomas Gailey
October 1878141Missouri7Texas
Robert Fred Gailey
March 25, 196159Denison, Grayson Co, Texas, USA0December 20, 20041543Denison, Grayson Co, Texas, USA
Robert Leroy Gailey
September 13, 193387Denison, Grayson Co, Texas, USA0October 17, 2012779Texas, USA
Robert Leroy Gailey
October 7, 1906113Pontotoc Co, Oklahoma, USA0November 5, 19596053
Rosa Mae Gailey
Rosa Mae Elliott
April 3, 1911109Grayson Co, Texas, USA0
Rose Marie Gailey
Rose Marie Simpson
November 22, 193188Denison, Grayson Co, Texas, USA0January 2, 2006
January 2, 2006
1474Dallas, Dallas Co, Texas, USA
Dallas, Dallas Co, Texas, USA
November 29, 2009 - 1:19:13 p.m.
Rosie Marie Gailey
Rosie Marie Wright
April 15, 1889131Missouri2December 19724783Houston, Harris Co, Texas, USA
Sophorna Gailey
Thelma Gailey
Thomas Gailey
Thomas Gailey
Thomas Gailey
Thomas M. Gailey
January 1835185Indiana3Pontotoc Co, Oklahoma, USA
William Leander Gailey Sr
February 26, 1893127Stonewall, Pontotoc Co, Indian Territory (later Oklahoma), USA0January 21, 19596165Pasadena, Harris Co, Texas, USAAugust 10, 2006 - 9:40:20 a.m.
William Lee Gailey
August 8, 1913107Grayson Co, Texas, USA0December 4, 19912878Gainesville, Cooke Co, Texas, USA