The Arnold and Moberly Family Genealogy


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Given names Surname Sosa Birth Place Death Age Place Last change
Anna Riddle
January 18, 18082120March 4, 189712389Greene Co, Indiana, USA
Anne Riddle
about 18321880
Benjamin Riddle
Benjamin Riddle II
Catherine Riddle
Catherine Wesner
about 18441760October 24, 19259481Greene Co, Indiana, USA
Clementine Riddle
Clementine Holmes
calculated June 23, 18211990March 25, 186215840Lawrence Co, Indiana, USA
Clementine Riddle
about 18341860
Clementine Riddle
Clementine Holmes
June 18221980March 25, 186215839Lawrence Co, Indiana, USA
Curtis Riddle
May 30, 1899121Greene Co, Indiana, USA0March 19705070Lancaster Co, Nebraska, USA
Cyntha Ann Riddle
Daniel V Riddle
about 1863157Greene Co, Indiana, USA0before 19318968
David Riddle
Doris Riddle
Doris Riddle Keller
November 2, 1910109Greene Co, Indiana, USA0April 26, 19922881Greene Co, Indiana, USA
Earl Riddle
Elizabeth Riddle
about 18012190
Frank Riddle
Herman Riddle
Ida Riddle
Idea? Riddle
about March 1880140Greene Co, Indiana, USA0
Irena Riddle
about 1877143Greene Co, Indiana, USA0before June 190012023
Jackson Riddle
about 18381820
Jenetta Riddle
Jenetta Powell
John Riddle
John Riddle
John A Riddle
about 1873147Greene Co, Indiana, USA0
John Long Riddle
January 5, 18211990190311781
Jonathan Riddle
Jonathon Riddle
calculated January 19, 1831189Indiana, USA10June 16, 188313752Greene Co, Indiana, USA
Joyce Riddle
Joyce Powell
about 1748272Virginia Colony, USA7April 20, 181120963Orange Co, Virginia, USA
Laura Riddle
Lida M Riddle
Lida M Stephens
September 15, 1895125Pike Co, Indiana, USA0January 19754579Gibson Co, Indiana, USA
Lucile Riddle
Lucile Douthitt
Malinda Riddle
Malinda Fields
Martha Riddle
about 18491710
Martha “Patsy” Riddle
Martha “Patsy” Allen
about 17812391
Mary Riddle
Mary Slinkard
18481720August 26, 19269478Greene Co, Indiana, USA
Mary Riddle
Mary Riddle
Mary Hilts
January 26, 181920111February 17, 190111982
Melvern Riddle
Milford Riddle
March 12, 1875145Greene Co, Indiana, USA3April 18, 19328857Greene Co, Indiana, USA
Milford S Riddle
November 7, 1869150Greene Co, Indiana, USA4March 25, 19487278Lawrence Co, Indiana, USA
Minnie G Riddle
Minnie G Fulk
about December 1872147Greene Co, Indiana, USA1before April 191011037
Norman O Riddle
18671530April 24, 19398172Greene Co, Indiana, USA
Odena Riddle
Odena R Freeman
January 26, 1897123Indiana, USA6January 8, 200119103Monroe Co, Indiana, USA
Oscar Riddle
Penelope Riddle
Penelope Cullison
January 10, 18351850January 9, 187714341Greene Co, Indiana, USA
Rebecca Jane Riddle
Rebecca Jane Fields
July 22, 1842178Missouri, USA2July 7, 19338790Stoddard Co, Missouri, USA
Ruby Roosevelt Riddle
Ruby Roosevelt Summers
August 14, 19171033January 10, 20041686Knox Co, Indiana, USA
Samuel Riddle
about 1800220North Carolina, USA9November 9, 185916059Greene Co, Indiana, USA
Sarah J Riddle
Sarah J Frye
Sarah J Yerian
1867153019586291Greene Co, Indiana, USA
Seymour Riddle
about 1869151Greene Co, Indiana, USA0Greene Co, Indiana, USA
Stephen Riddle
“Old Uncle” Stephen Riddle
January 12, 1776244North Carolina, USA10185616479Greene Co, Indiana, USA
Stephen Riddle
“Old Uncle” Stephen Riddle
January 12, 1776North Carolina, USA10185679Greene Co, Indiana, USA
Stephen Riddle Sr
April 23, 17302901December 3, 180721277Forsyth Co, North Carolina, USA
Stephen Riddle
about March 1841179Indiana, USA8April 17, 191610475Wabash Co, Illinois, USA
Stephen A Riddle
18591616January 15, 19477388
Stephen Winfield Riddle
about December 1892127Indiana, USA0
Thomas Riddle
Verna B Riddle
Verna B Thomas
about March 1883137Indiana, USA2before April 191011027
Viola Riddle
Viola Hoffa
January 1, 18901301August 28, 19754585
Wilbur Riddle
Wiley Riddle
about 1824196Indiana, USA1March 6, 190211878Parke Co, Indiana, USA
William Riddle
about 18361840
William Jasper Riddle
about 1865155Greene Co, Indiana, USA0
Zachariah Riddle
Zora Riddle
0before August 1870150Indiana, USA
0before June 1900120
0before June 1900120