The Arnold and Moberly Family Genealogy

Isaac Edward Coe + Penina “Nannie” Priscilla Burns

10 children

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Family group information
Marriage May 1, 1887
Census June 2, 1900
HF: 31/32, LN: 21/28, SD 1, ED 29, Sheet 2A, (108), Monroe Twp, Pike Co, IN by William B Osborn Isaac Coe, Head, W-M-APR 1862-38-M-13, IN-IN-IN, Caol Miner, 4, -/y/y/y, R Nina Coe, Wife, W-F-NOV 1865-24-M-13, 6/6, IN-IN-IN, none Lulu Coe, Dau, W-F-JUN 1887-12-S, IN-IN-IN, At School John Coe, Son, W-M-OCT 1889-10-S, IN-IN-IN, At School Lizzie Coe, Dau, W-F-OCT 1891-8-S, IN-IN-IN, At School Mary Coe, Dau, W-F-APR 1893-7-S, IN-IN-IN, At School Nora Coe, Dau, W-F-APR 1896-4-S, IN-IN-IN, none Emma Coe, Day, W-F-AUG 1899-9/12-S, IN-IN-IN, none