The Arnold and Moberly Family Genealogy

James E Powers + Mary Jane Coe

2 children

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Family group information
Marriage June 11, 1872
Census June 22, 1880
HF: 287/292, LN: 4/15, SD: 1, ED: 173, Pg.34 (292), Monroe Twp, Pike Co, IN by John Ferguson James E Powers, W-M-38-M, Farmer, IND-x-x Mary J Powers, W-F-39-M, Keeping House, IN-PA-IN John W Powers, W-M-19-S, Son, Works on Farm, 6, IN-IN-IN Mary F Powers, W-F-17-S, Dau, IN-IN-IN Mariah S Powers, W-F-15-S, Dau, IN-IN-IN Cynthia A Powers, W-F-13-S, Dau, IN-IN-IN William F Powers, W-M-11-S, Son, IN-IN-IN Sarah E Powers, W-F-7-S, Dau, IN-IN-IN Thomas E Powers, W-M-3-S, Son, IN-IN-IN Albert Black, W-M-19-S, Stepson, Works on Farm, 6, IN-IN-IN Samuel Black, W-M-17-S, Stepson, Works on Farm, 6, IN-IN-IN Elias T Coe, W-M-76-WD, Father-in-Law, Retired Farmer, PENN-x-x
Census June 20, 1900
Note: Living with Prentice, Elizabeth and their three living children, are Sarah Elizabeth's mother Mary Jane Coe Powers and her brother Thomas.