The Arnold and Moberly Family Genealogy

Webster Erwin Tooke + Marie Adele Jipson

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Family group information
Marriage May 21, 1890
Census June 5, 1900
Address: 48 Park St, Corry, Pennsylvania, USA
Shared note: 1900 USA Federal Census Transcription - W E TOOK [Tooke] - household

Reference: SD 15, ED 64, Sheet 3B, enumerated by James H Chapman Location: 48 Park St, 2nd Ward, Corry, Erie Co, Pennsylvania, USA

NameRelationRaceSexDOBAgeMCYrMRCh-B/LBPFBPMBPOccupationEdu Home 
W E TOOK*HeadWMFEB 185842M10NYNYNYCommercial Tran Book?/O-YYYR/-/H/-
Mary A TOOK*WifeWFAPR 186039M100/0NYNYNYnone-YYY

Census April 16, 1910
Address: 2 Park Place, Corry, Pennsylvania, USA
Shared note: 1910 USA Federal Census Transcription - Webester E TOOK [Tooke] - household

Reference: HF: 20/28, LN: 18/18, Location: Corry, Erie Co, Pennsylvania, USA

Webester* E TOOKHeadMW50M120NYNYNYEnglishAgent-Books/WYY-R/-/H/-
Mary E* TOOK*WifeFW45M1200/0NYNYNYEnglishnoneYY-